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April 6th is my quit date

Posted by avrilrhine Mar 30, 2018

I'm super anxious about quitting but my health is what I need to think about. I've got 2 beautiful daughter's and an amazing husband. I want to be here for them. Ive been very anxious about this since I spoke with my doctor yesterday and ask her to prescribe me the patch. My only concern is the vivid dreams that kind of freaks me out but going to give it a try.  I've tried to quit many times and last a few months than go back to it. I really feel like this time will be the last time  


The Straw

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Mar 30, 2018

 I was cleaning out my old jeep yesterday so I could have someone pick it up for scrap. As I was cleaning, I found two items. One was half a pack of cigarettes that had to have been there for over seven years, because I never bought any after my quit. I continued my cleaning and the next thing I found was a straw that had been chewed on both ends.


This blast from the past made smile for you see, I used those straws during my quit and here right before me were two powerful symbols of both my past life and the change I created for myself when I quit. And in case anyone’s wondering, the thought of smoking never ended my mind.


To me, that pack of cigarettes was simply trash that needed to be discarded. Sometimes it’s good to remember where the new life all started. One thing that came back to me was how hard I’d struggled at first, and yet the memory of those struggles had lost all power, just as my craves have. My memories were simply that.  Memories of a different life that I no longer live.


There really is a kind of almost indescribable peace that we feel after we find our freedom. It’s a contentment that comes from knowing that my days are my own. They simply don’t belong to  my addiction anymore and the energy that I now have to enjoy this new life is incredible!


There’s a freedom awaiting any who choose to walk the path of freedom that is just amazing! It’s right there waiting for you if you can just get on the path and keep looking to the future where you too will find this wondrous life that I and so many more are living!


Make that life of freedom your burning passion, stronger than any other thought and before long the dream becomes a reality!


For me, the choice was easy just as it presented itself to me yesterday. The cigarettes represented my addiction while the straws represented my road to freedom. Many years ago I chose the straw, or rather what it represented and you can too!!


Thing is, I lived the mantra that what I do today will determine how my future will look tomorrow. I reminded myself of that every morning as I prepared for the day. This gave me a decent perspective to work with throughout the day.


When I’d get a crave, I’d think of the future I was creating rather than what the crave wanted me to think about, I’d see myself climbing Mt’ Freedom every day, with that addict within right there with me so I could keep an eye on the sneaky creature. And each day, it would fade just a little more until I was left with nothing but a shadow that I catch a glimpse of every once in a while,  just enough to remind me that freedom was the right choice.


My hope is that you can make the right choice as well!!






Just for TODAY

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Mar 30, 2018

I will choose of MY OWN FREE WILL to NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF. Just for TODAY I will  mind MY OWN business and live MY OWN NON SMOKER LIFE. Just for TODAY I will love ME first by NEVER TAKING ANOTHER PUFF OVER ME! Just for TODAY I will think of MY needs first and love ME first by NEVER TAKING ANOTHER PUFF OVER ME! Just for TODAY I will not use anyone or anything or any problem or any feelings or any changes or any sudden things, places, situations, circumstances, health issues, unexpected deaths, peoples personal problems which I am NOT responsible for them or ME as an excuse to think OLD ADDICT STINKING THINKING... to hurt someone then convince MYSELF to USE NICOTINE to ESCAPE IT ALL. Just for TODAY I will stay in this DAY ONLY enjoying MY NICOTINE FREEDOM LIFESTYLE . Just for TODAY I will remember to STAY QUIT NO MATTER FOR ME ONLY.....if one of us is going to USE NICOTINE as a solution for ourselves.... I feel sorry for you.... as for ME... Just for TODAY I will pray and ask MY God to help ME ONLY to NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF then maybe I will be of use to God to HELP ANOTHER SUFFERING NICOTINE ADDICT TO BELIEVE.  Just for TODAY I will THINK before USING NICOTINE to solve anything and to recognize addict STINKING THINKING trying to rear its ugly head. Just for TODAY I will thank MY God for His tender mercies on ME a RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICT. Just for TODAY I will help the next SUFFERING nicotine addict. Just for TODAY I will live a NON SMOKER DAY in MY Lord Jesus name amen for ME! Please take what HELPS to be HELPFUL is MY only aim thank you and please keep coming BACK.  



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Mar 29, 2018

Good day EXER’s!!


There was a time when I was a different person. One who cherished life, but my future, not so much. This was obvious to me because I was slowly killing myself and somehow didn’t seem to care. Day after day I would continue the ritual, never believing that there was another way. For the longest time, I never sought a way out because somehow I felt that I was content in this life just the way it was.


You see, I was an addict. And really, the definition of an addict describes how I was very well:


to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively


I hadn’t really devoted myself to nicotine so much as I surrendered myself to it. And in the end, I did become obsessive with smoking to the point where I was chain smoking just to get whatever it was that thought was seeking.


It wasn’t really because I was a depressed person. I believed I was perfectly content. In fact, in those days the only things that would anger me was any challenge to my addiction, including my own minds challenges to myself. If I couldn’t smoke because I was working, of course the urges would start generating a kind of anger within me. I always tried not to lash out at people but there was more than one time that a person would tell me, “Man, you’re being kind of a jerk. Do you need a cigarette?”


My response was usually even more anger, mainly because I was craving a cigarette. My point being that even in these times when everything seemed so “normal” the reality is that we had to deal with craves long before we ever quit. I know every one of us has had these experiences where we couldn’t smoke when we wanted to many times.


Thing is, when we’re ready to quit, there’s a kind of fear and I think a lot of that fear comes from those times when we didn’t have our fix when we needed it. Even though we knew we could eventually smoke, we still had to deal with the physical crave and as such, we experience a lot of what we’d experience when we quit. The only difference is before we quit, we know we can have another one eventually.


I know it was because I had symptoms caused by smoking that I was able to create a crack in my addiction. And as soon as that crack appeared, the physical response was debilitating fear! This was the signal that my brain sent to me at the thought of quitting, as if I was looking off a thousand foot cliff and thinking about jumping.




I had to figure out a way to get past that fear so that I could actually quit and so I faced it head on. That’s why I did practice quits. Many hours of not smoking so I could understand what would happen to me when I did quit, and more importantly how I would successfully deal with the craves. That’s why I studied for so many hours, learning my addiction, and the many days with the pack tracker, knowing the entire time that this would all culminate in a quit. And I hoped that it would be my last quit. So far, so good!!


My point is that I was as addicted as a person can get on cigarettes. I mean, I don’t think one could do much worse then lighting one cigarette with the cherry of the last one. And also, I had to be as scared of quitting as anyone can be and yet here I am loving the freedom that I took the time to create.


Sure, it took some time and learning but when I started my quit, I had reached my goal : NO FEAR!! I wanted to include links to the blogs I wrote on those very days in case anyone wanted to really see my thinking on those last days of preparation and the first quit day.


The final day - I will smoke my last cigarette tonight!


My first day of freedom


And since those days, it’s been over seven years of freedom!! If I could do this then I KNOW you can! Learn your addiction, prepare, rid yourself of the fear of quitting and ride into the freedom that you know you want so badly!! It’s a beautiful world on the other side of addiction. All you have to do is get there . . . . .





Why do many get stopped in their tracks before they get started?

I don't mean just with smoking. I think many of us choose to underachieve.

My bet as to why based on my personal experience would be,

fear of change

fear of being uncomfortable

fear of failure

fear of success


These things keep most people from many opportunities in life.

(The first two kept me from going on the road with Elvis.)


      What have you turned down because you were afraid of the unexpected?

There's nothing to fear about quitting smoking except what you create. Quitting smoking won't kill you.

It's continuing smoking that is the  problem.


Another Prayer request

Posted by ShawnP Champion Mar 29, 2018

I heard from shashort (sharon) early this am. She asked if i could cover the train this am. She's at the hospital. Her brother in law was taken off the vent and isn't doing very well. He recently started showing signs of labored breathing. Please keep them in prayer.



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Mar 28, 2018

Remember how you thought of smoking before you quit? I know I do. I remember being a fierce defender of continuing my addiction and would actually get angry at people who I thought were being rude to me when I smoked in their space. I believed it was like a birthright to smoke, and no one was going to tell me otherwise!


And then there were the times when I’d sit alone smoking and those thoughts would be quite different. One thing I’ve noticed since I quit is how much time is wasted feeding the addiction. And yet the whole time we convince ourselves that the smoking was doing something constructive. I also knew deep inside that I was slowly killing myself but like all addicts, I was able to ignore those thoughts.


And like most of us, I continued on, allowing my addiction to control every aspect of my life. During this time in my mind’s eye, I SAW myself as a smoker. Whenever I’d think of day to day activities, there’d always be a cigarette in my hand or dangling out of my mouth. I actually couldn’t picture myself as a nonsmoker.


Once I realized that I was an addict, my perception of things changed. Suddenly the old friend appeared to me as the ball and chain, enslaving me for so very long. In a way I actually knew that this was always how it was. I just kept it pushed into a quiet little cubby in my mind, safely nurturing my addiction.


For me, a big part of my preparation was seeing the world as it really is, rather than through the cloud of addiction. I had to teach myself that everything I’d said was OK before wasn’t OK now. During this time, my entire perception of smoking changed. I could see the world as it really was, rather than through the eyes of an addict.


By the time I put out my last cigarette, I could see myself in my mind’s eye as a nonsmoker! I could already look to the future and catch a glimpse of the freedom that awaited me. And the day I realized that I no longer feared quitting, I knew I was ready.


I believe that a big part of our preparation is learning to change our perception of the world. Learning to see life as it really is rather than through the eyes of an addict. That’s why the chances of failure are so large if we just wake up one day and try to put out our last cigarette without understanding what we’re actually trying to do.


It’s possible to white knuckle your way through a quit. In fact we all have hard days but the chances of success are just so much better if that perception is changed BEFORE we put out that last cigarette.


Never believe that you can’t quit forever. The reality is that you can, so long as you take some time to build a solid foundation and change your perception of the world. It doesn’t mean it won’t be hard. It doesn’t mean that you won’t feel the withdrawals that we all must face.


But having a clear perception of a world without cigarettes in it when you quit will help you to understand your new world and also make it that much easier to make it last forever! However you decide to quit is up to you. You’re the one that ultimately must do it. We’re just here to give you that little nudge and perhaps take the mystery out of what  you’re doing.


No matter what your choices are for your quit, I wish you complete success!!





THE JOURNEY IS THE REWARD........................................ Sootie


This Elder is bit on the quiet side but when she speaks one should listen.

While on her page read some of her blogs, she is quite the storyteller. 

Here are just a few suggestions.


 Now We're All Here Together...................... 


Day 1

Posted by jbollweg Mar 27, 2018

Someone said they wouldn't want to be on day 1 again. I know why.........I can't stop crying, feeling sorry for myself, crying, praying, crying, listening to tunes, crying......get the picture? I haven't picked up a cig though! Thank God my dog understands lol   Jeanne>91/2hrs


The divided mind

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Mar 27, 2018

Good day EXer’s!!!


When we first quit smoking, one of the things that seems to surprise a lot of people is that endless voice that begins talking in the background. The one that says it’s OK to smoke. The voice that tries to rationalize why it’s OK to smoke. This voice may come as a surprise, but then comes the other voice. The one voice telling the other that it’s not OK to smoke. And pretty soon, there’s an entire war zone living inside of our heads!


Even when we’re not thinking about it, that endless argument goes on in the background, always whispering back and forth. I think a lot of this voice is our own minds trying to sort out what has changed, the one side thinking that in our normal world, a cigarette would make us feel better while the rational side tells us that it doesn’t matter that the cigarette will make us feel better now because we’re in this for the long run.


I’m no doctor, but after I was fairly confident in my quit, I’d listen to these thoughts or voices and realized that for me, it wasn’t so much thoughts as it was impulses firing in the brain. Impulses created because this was how the brain always did things, by simply sending the signal to smoke when it needed it’s stimulation, which our bodies automatically responded to by feeding the addiction.


And then when we quit and the brain sends the impulse which we don’t act upon, it confuses the normal patterns of the brain and as such, the internal argument begins. For me, it helped to understand that this argument was really made up of impulses rather than a real split in the mind. By trying to understand those impulses, I gave them a voice and interpreted those impulses with that voice, if that makes any sense at all.


For me, this really explained the addict within. That endless voice that always tried to get me to smoke.


Perhaps that’s really what quitting is all about. Teaching the brain to react differently to the stimulations that living life sends us, such as stress, sadness or any of the base emotions that we feel.


So the next time you wonder about the divided mind, or hear the screaming child of addiction throwing a temper tantrum, try to see it for what it is. An impulse sent by the brain simply because that’s what it’s done for so long when it needed that stimulation.


We all get these impulses when we quit. I think it’s how we interpret them that decides how easy or hard the journey will be. That’s why I always say, keep your eye on the prize of freedom while the brain works things out and before long, there will be peace. Before long, you will be free. Before long you’ll be smiling from ear to ear because you’ll realize that not only have you won freedom over addiction, but along the way you’ve also learned the true meaning of happiness. It was in you all along. All you had to do was find it!


Onward to freedom!!!



Good Morning EXer’s!!


I was thinking about the days before my quit. Those days when I’d decided to quit but hadn’t quite made the move yet. These were days of reflection. Days where I had to get up the nerve to face the fact that I was an addict and had been for a long time.


I often wondered why it was so hard to believe I was an addict. I knew I was addicted but I think to admit to myself that I was an addict was somehow a means of pushing me to the fringe, where I might try to turn the thought of quitting into a kind of reality.  I was also reminded of the fact that my mind was actually in agony during those days that I was merely thinking about quitting.


I was no longer finding any satisfaction from smoking because every time I lit up, I was forced to face the fact that I was an addict. Over time and with a lot of reflection, a day came where I was willing to see myself for what I was. I was finally able to admit to myself that I was an addict. That was a big step for me, and as I got comfortable with the realization that I was an addict, I still had to do something about it.


For many a day, I thought about the possibility of quitting until I realized that I could stall forever. That nudged me to the next step. Getting some help. I called the Colorado Quitline and ordered some patches.


And that was the day that I realized that this was going to be a long, hard ride but one I wanted to take. I realized that I had an enemy within me. A kind of creature so powerful that it could convince me to slowly murder myself. A piece of my mind that had strayed from the norm and decided that it was going to ruin my life, like a cancer of my own creation.


And so I came to the realization that in order to beat this enemy that lived inside of me, I’d have to understand it. I’ve always believed that knowledge is power so I started looking up information online. During that time, I found EX and this opened up a new world for me! There was so much to be learned by reading about others experiences and how they dealt with the hard parts of the addiction. But the thing that really got through to me was that I was no longer alone in my agonized quest to be free.


And so I studied and studied. I used a cigarette tracker to learn what made me want to smoke and when. I did “practice quits” where I would deny myself a cigarette for varying lengths of time, just so I’d know what those first days would feel like. And during this time I removed my most powerful triggers; driving in the car, smoking on the deck after dinner and many others.


And most importantly, I worked on the fear that I was feeling to the point that when I put out my last cigarette, I knew I was ready for you see, I worked for months to get to this day. Because I’d prepped for so long, I was actually confident in the fact that I was going to win. That I understood what my own mind would do to me when I began the quest for freedom.


My point is that if we want the best chance to succeed, then we must know our addictions. We must know what we’ll do when certain things happen to us as we quit. What we should avoid and how best to fight through a crave.


A solid plan is key to success. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it without first preparing for my quit and second continuing to learn in real time and from experience after the quit.I know it can seem hard to believe but it actually makes the whole experience easier once we do take the plunge because there’s so much less confusion about what’s happening.


Never be afraid to look inside, to learn the part of you that you’ll have to defeat in order to win. Never be afraid to attack the addiction head on. Make sure you have a burning desire to be free, put out that last cigarette and stay focused on that freedom and before long, it won’t be a dream. No, it’ll be your wonderful new reality and I can guarantee you, you won’t regret taking the journey!







Posted by anaussiemom Mar 25, 2018

Dean and I, have been married 7 yrs ago, today!!  It was a fabulous day.  Sunny and a Gorjus' outside and an Awesome husband!!    I could Not ask for  anything more.!! 

Good day exer’s!!!


I hope all is well with you! There was a time where deep in my mind, I thought I was invincible. That bad things only happen to others and that my future would be just fine with what I was doing right now. I was content and believed that I was perfectly happy with my life and how I was living it.


But like so many of us, I realized that my perception of the world was all a lie. You see, I was an addict and as such, I’d trained myself for years to be comfortable in my addicted life and you know what? I realized that I wasn’t just lying to myself about smoking. No. Once we begin to deceive ourselves in order to justify smoking, we start to do it in other places as well.


The addiction teaches us that deception makes things easier to deal with. That we can live our lives happily without ever have to change a thing. That the time we waste smoking is actually somehow a very productive period of time.


We build our addictions one day at a time, one cigarette at a time and with each passing day we strengthen that addiction and allow the tentacles to intertwine into every part of our being, like a creature that sucks the life out of us while digging ever deeper into our very essence, controlling us.


I saw this image of my addiction very soon after I quit. I realized that over all those years, I’d allowed it to grow inside of me. To consume my very being and my outlook on life. Even as I felt the effects of my smoking, I denied reality because it was easier than admitting to myself that I was an addict and that I had to take my life back. That I had to change things for my own good. Like every addict, I was my own worst enemy.


And then the coughing started. Every morning for a couple of hours, I would cough  endlessly as I smoked my morning cigarettes. Still I let the cloud of addiction keep me from seeing the truth, because it’s just easier then facing reality.


But one day I did see through the deception. I saw my life how it really was and you know what? I realized it wasn’t the world I’d happily convinced myself it was. When the cloud of addiction was lifted from my eyes, the world just looked ugly, or rather my little piece of it.


I was both amazed and terrified of the truth that I was now seeing, amazed that I’d never seen it before and terrified because I knew I’d have to do something about it and on that day, I chose to take the harder path and change my life forever!


A little over seven years ago when I put out that last cigarette, I began the recreation of myself. A little over seven years ago, I changed that ugly world into something beautiful! In reality, the world was always beautiful. I was just too addicted to see it. The ugliness was my addicted perception of that world, not the world itself.


And since that time that I put out that last cigarette, the world really has become beautiful and now I have the time and desire to see it in all its splendour. I just feel so much more a part of this wonderful world now that I’m free.


I feel no shame for my past, only a kind of sadness because I was missing the real world for so long. But now there’s a kind of pride in my world and a belief that I could do almost anything if I just put my mind to it for you see, when I smoked there was always a distraction in the back of my mind. Creating the schedule to feed my addiction. Deciding if I even wanted to go places where I couldn’t smoke.


Now there is peace. And a kind of real happiness that comes from deep inside. There’s a sense of pride that I chose life over a slow agonizing death. But mostly, all of the color has returned to my world and it’s no longer ugly. Now it’s beauty is beyond belief!


That same world is waiting for you. Go for it!! I can’t wait for you to see it!! All it takes is a little time and a burning desire to be free . . .





Dear Father God I come in MY Lord Jesus name to ask for strength for Julie to be healed in her body mind and spirit by your love joy peace faithfulness goodness kindness gentleness and self control. Thank you for always hearing and answering MY prayers.  

It is time to book!! Ship is filling up! Prices are going up! We have one Balcony stateroom available at the original group price! Contact Tommy for details. 1-919-631-6770 or message him pir8fan .

Here is the itinerary EX6.1 - We have a winner!!  



Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Mar 22, 2018

Good morning Exer’s!!!


I hope all is well with you!! When we quit smoking we have to be ready for an amazing amount of changes. I mean, we have to change our thinking, how we live, what we do when we drive and what to do when we’re angry or sad or - the list goes on and on!


No wonder it’s so hard to quit! If you think about it, there’s a lot to process and at times processing all of this new information and learning new actions can be quite overwhelming, especially when you’ve got the addiction itself screaming in your ear the whole time. No wonder we get tired!


And with so much to do that is different along with changing how we do things in our everyday life, it just gets confusing. I think this is why everything is so intense at first. Because there’s just so much for the brain to process all at once!


That’s also what makes the first days the hardest. So hard in fact, that we often want to just give it all up and give our overworked minds a break! So long as we realize what is happening we can deflect some of this. That’s why deep breathing works so well in my opinion. It changes the focus of the mind and gives us a feeling of relaxation. It slows down the mind for a moment so that it can sort of catch its breath for a moment. And after that moment of slowing the mental process, we just feel more invigorated and ready to continue processing all those changes.


That’s why I think visualization worked so well to me. The serene place that I created for myself became very comforting over time. In fact, I still visit that place to this day but the thing is when I was in the throes or beating my addiction and I’d go to this place, when I opened my eyes I just felt invigorated and ready to face my challenges once again.


Not everyone wants to use visualization or meditation as a tool, but it was a good one that worked for me. I think that anything that you can find to change the minds focus for a moment will be a huge benefit. I do hope you can find your calming technique so that you can kind of take a break every now and then.


The main thing to remember is that we do get used to change over time. We evolve into a new and better world and as we accept each change; As each change becomes what is normal to us, we find peace. As we continue to accept what our new world is like, we continue to grow and so long as we stay on this wondrous and sometimes crazy path, then one day we’ll be free and on that day when we can really look at what we just did, we’ll just smile and that smile will split our face from ear to ear because it’s the smile that can only come from acceptance and the glorious feeling of freedom!!





To think of quitting smoking in a new way.

Not A Certain Way, Just Ideas To Spark Your Own Way.

That's all we can do.


We'd love to do more

It's up to you

To put 'em down and hang around

And learn what must be learned

Time will pass, cravings fade

Tobacco won't be yearned. (or burned.)


Prayers for Freeneasy

Posted by ShawnP Champion Mar 20, 2018

I talked with freeneasy (Jim) on the phone. He wanted to let us know that he hasn't been able to go on the computer since Friday. He had eye surgery on his good eye. He has very little discomfort but has very blurry vision. He's temporarily staying with a friend for a little while. He is trying to be positive through this and is hoping this will clear up that he can see again. Right now he just feels his way around the house. Let's keep him in prayer that his vision improves and the procedure was a success. 


The addict within

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Mar 20, 2018

Good day EXer’s!!!


When I first quit and discovered the screaming argument in my head, I knew I’d have to find a way to calm it if I was going to succeed. I mean this voice, or endless argument can really wear on a person as they struggle to win another day smoke free. And so I named this argument, or rather the addiction the “addict within”.


Others call it nicodemon or several other names. The thing is, by placing a name on the very thing that bothers us most, several things happen. At least it did for me. I think in the normal world, we converse to convey things to one another. And we converse to share our feelings, and what we’ve learned. Also, we converse to share what’s really going on inside of us.


When I named that voice, it gave it a kind of face or rather a focal point for me to react with. A being to converse with, if you will. Since the endless argument happens inside of us, we must understand it in order to combat it.


For me, naming the addiction gave me a sounding board. Something to laugh at and to learn from, just like we learn from a friend, even if this friend happens to be our worst enemy.


I remember telling it to shut up or to go away (something it never did, of course). Somehow, this helped me to wrap my head around that argument, what it was trying to do to me and why I wouldn’t let it.


In my minds eye, I could see it as a ghost, or a disembodied part of myself walking beside me as it continued it’s endless conversation. Because it now had a face, I could ignore it at times or I could convince it (myself) to calm down for a while. I could converse with it and try to understand it, which in the end helped me to understand that my own addiction or at least gave me a vessel to try.


The main thing was that I had somewhere to channel all of those raw emotions, rather then attack a friend or worse, a loved one. But most importantly, I learned to laugh at it. This in itself took all of the addictions power away, making what was left a a ghost of what it once was.


I only mention this because one never knows what another might find useful. The main thing is that we find what works best for each of us. And the only way to find that is to first live it and then understand it.


We all have an addict within. We created it with each day that we smoked. Really, we conversed with it all along as we planned each day around our addiction. The reality is that the voice was always there, whispering sweet lies to us in order to keep us under control. What changes when we quit is that we no longer agree with the addict within and so just like any screaming child, it throws a temper tantrum to get what it wants. To control us once more.


But one thing is certain. Just like the screaming toddler that won’t shut up, eventually they get tired, so long as we don’t give in. Eventually they give up when they realize that we won’t succumb to the endless argument, and when that day comes, you’ll know it for that will be the day that you experience true peace and freedom for the first time in a long, long time.





I got up....did what I must do to participate in this world when I choose to go out and the very first thing I do is pray. I was preparing for a meeting that I will be leading...getting books and notes etc...together....and this is sharing from MY perspective about MY OWN LIFE and how this particular workbook offered by this support group helped ME in walking out day by day MY spiritual principles and  how I stay grown up and spiritually mature by studying NEW IDEAS...or examples shared by others and I will just be sharing the love and please take what HELPS and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim...thank you.......suddenly PAST MEMORIES came flooding...OVERWHELMING AND TAKING MY BREATHE AWAY TAKING ME THROUGH DIFFERENT AGES SO FAST AND FEEELINGGGGSSSSS TRYING TO PULL ME UNDER THE CEMENT OF DEATH FEEEELLLLINNNNGGGSSS .....STOP..TURN YOU HEAD PHYSICALLY AND DEEP BREATHE......BREATHE....FOCUS...STATE TODAY DATE OUT LOUD....March 20,2018.....keep breathing.....calmly breathe.....relax....that's how I STAYED IN THIS DAY ONLY...then I prepared MYSELF for MY walking time to the library to use their computers to look on line for a NEW USE CAR.....Praising MY God and MY Lord Jesus and ever so thankful for MY Holy Comforter to lead ME TO STAY IN THIS DAY ONLY and enjoy MY blessings all this day long...... living in MY Lord Jesus NON SMOKER pick up MY NEW USED car at 2 p.m. YAHOOOOO.....I was wondering how ANY of you STAY IN THIS DAY ONLY....I really could use some NEW IDEAS especially when it comes to..... REJECTION..... when I am just trying to HELP people by being courteous.....kind...and most of all by TRYING TO LET GODS LOVE LEAD be tolerant of all people NOT USING NICOTINE OR USING NICOTINE AND ALL OTHERS IN THIS WORLD....I was offering MY experience to find a business in the area.... I live and KNOW BY FACT..... its location and all that surrounds the business and was totally rejected and the library assistant told the person....she is correct....the person wouldn't even look at ME...I went back to my chair and went over what I said...over how I expressed it.....I said excuse ME before I spoke.... offering helpful info...after taking MY OWN INVENTORY....A FLOODING MEMORY CAME reminded of ME when I was little 6-7 years old and I told MY mom what MY dad did to ME last night and MY mom said...... It is a NEW DAY and can't you talk about something else go clean the house......I said to MYSELF......STOP....BREATHE....FOCUS....STATE TODAY DATE OUT LOUD...March 20,2018.....DEEP BREATHE.....continue back to the MOMENT.....TODAY...... living and STAYING IN THIS DAY ONLY.....thanks for letting ME share....YES I will keep coming BACK.....YAHOOOOOOOO NEW USED CAR PAID IN FULL.....Gods money spent on good for a NON SMOKER ENJOYING THIS GOD GIVEN GIFT OF LIFE FOR ME.....Praising and thanking God all THIS DAY BY STAYING IN THE LOVING MOMENTS.....and praying for the people constantly because that is what MY Lord Jesus would desire for ME to do because OTHERS PRAYED FOR ME....awe NOW I am cannot give away something you don't have and TODAY THIS DAY I LOVE ME BECAUSE GOD LOVED ME I will continue giving it all away so I will keep STAYING IN THIS DAY ONLY!

Good day everyone!


When we quit smoking, we usually have very good knowledge of what to expect. We have tools to help us, whatever they may be and we have our support set up. And then we take the plunge into the unknown. We’re very wary at first and begin using the tools we created for ourselves during the preparation phase of our quits.


We fight through the first day, confident that we can make it because we knew this was going to be really hard! We’re so busy trying to survive the first day smoke free, that usually we don’t even notice the argument that is beginning to manifest itself within our brains.


Day two comes and we know the fight must continue, even though we’re becoming aware of the internal argument and we know we’re in for another fight, or rather battle with the goal of winning the war. The addiction begins speaking to us, a whisper at first but as the day continues that whisper becomes louder and louder.


Many people choose to listen to the agony of the addicted mind and begin to realize just how intense this quit experience really is. Others break out the tools that we placed in our quit kits and begin the process of learning to deal with a new life. Of learning how to calm the addicted side of the brain.


But when we continue to listen to the constant stream of addictive thoughts, then we can lose our resolve. We can become so involved with listening to the sweet lies of addiction that we begin to question our journey or rather, if we really need to be on this journey at all. We forget that now is the time to go write a blog or to chew some gum or to begin our deep breathing exercises. And in the end, some give in.


There isn’t much that can be done to plan for this until we experience it for the first time. We have to first experience all that we prepared for in order to truly understand it. The thing is, our preparation is a time of discovery. A time to learn ourselves and the triggers that make us smoke. We spend a lot of time trying to analyze ourselves in order to understand what we’re doing when we quit. This goes a long ways on those first hard days, but sometimes we forget something very important.


The learning really hasn’t ended. Oh no! In reality it’s just started because this is when we begin a long process of firsts. We experience our first minute and hour as it becomes the first day. The moment we put out that last cigarette, we must be ready to continue learning long past the three days that are the worst.


We must learn to understand how we react with the world now that a major part of what we thought was somehow our comfort and confidence is gone. That when something stressful happens, we no longer have the thing that we thought would help us through. That when we’re feeling sad or lonely, there is no cigarette to offer us the false comfort that it used to. But mostly, we have to overcome the feeling that we’re being deprived of something that has always helped us cope with that world. And we have to know that the world hasn’t changed a bit. It’s simply our perception of the world that has changed.


The reality is that we’re not being deprived of a thing. In fact, we’re gaining so much by relearning our lives. And when this is all over, and the screaming child of addiction finally calms, then we realize how much we’ve gained. That we haven’t lost a thing and that our lives will forever be changed!


There’s so much good happening in every moment of a quit and the trick for me was to see past the lies that I was telling myself. To laugh off the thought of a cigarette every time I had one. Sure, it takes some work to get to that point. And it takes time. But once you can see past the addiction to the day that you’ll truly be free, then there’s just no stopping you!


Never stop learning and before long, it’ll all be over!






Achieving the Goal

Posted by ShawnP Champion Mar 17, 2018

Success doesn't just fall on us. We must be disciplined, dedicated and committed. We have to have a plan and not take shortcuts. Whatever we're doing, we have to give it our best effort. The question to ask is, are we doing it whole heartedly and doing our best?
There will be times that we will go through difficult situations in life and often those times are the very circumstances, challenges and situations that help us. I am sure you are thinking, how is this helping you? Well, We don't grow or become strong during the "good" times. We grow when we press through the difficult times without giving up. Dale has said many times on here, " The only way out is through" Just remember, "Going through" means we are not stuck, we are moving forward.


Random thoughts

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Mar 16, 2018

Good day EXer’s!!


I just love it when I have the time to communicate with all of you dedicated people! I mean, where else do you find people not only concerned about their futures, but where people actually CHANGE that future. It’s wonderful to see every time it happens.


When I first came to this site, I came as a person about to face a new unknown. And that unknown generated fear within me. I started reading and discovered that I wasn’t alone. Not only in my feelings but in my fear of finding freedom. I found encouragement. Something I needed. And understanding. Something that helped me to grow. This place was just enough to make me believe that I really had a shot at freedom for the first time in decades!


Sometimes that’s all we need. That little nudge to step onto the path. That gentle understanding of what another might be going through. But most of what makes this place amazing is what comes from inside of each and every one of us that comes here. What we bring to this community is something that cannot be typed or seen.


No, what we bring here is an idea. A thought that we want to see become a reality. A glimmer of freedom and the desire to see it more fully. We come here with a crack in our addiction, seeking a way out now that our souls have seen the truth that is addiction.


We build hope for a brighter future and yes, quite often we see others hope become the reality of yet another incredible quit. That’s why I still come here. It isn’t because my quit is in danger. No. It’s to share the wonders of freedom with those who might seek it. It’s to let others know that it’s OK to be scared. It’s OK to be confused. We understand better than most because we’ve been there!!


So gather up that resolve. Gain all of the knowledge you can and step on that path to the wonderful future you’re about to create. Though the battle must be fought from within, we’re here to remind you that it’s worth it. We’re here to help you to stay focused on the wonderful accomplishment that you chose to achieve.


Always keep your focus on the prize of freedom and before long, when the addiction calms and the divided mind becomes whole again you will feel a pride like so many have felt for you see, over time and perhaps without even realizing it, you free forever!









Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Mar 15, 2018

Good day EXER’S!!


So often in our lives, there are challenges that have to be dealt with. It can be as simple as trying to figure out the bills or as complex as starting a new job. I know through a major portion of my life that I always used cigarettes as a crutch. What kind of crutch, I could never figure out and the reason is that the crutch is just another lie that we fed ourselves in order to keep smoking.


Actually, most of what we told ourselves while we smoked were lies, or as I call it, the shroud of addiction. I mean really. How does a cigarette really help us, say after a stressful meeting or while we’re driving? The truth is it doesn’t actually do a thing to help us, yet somehow we always believed that it did.


When I first thought of quitting, the first thought that ran through my mind was, “How would I cope with life, with all of the day to day events that trigger the urge to smoke a cigarette?”


And that thought scared me terribly!  In fact at first I really believed that quitting would be impossible! But it’s interesting what can bring the mind to the truth. You see, every morning I’d wake up and cough for a good two hours, even as I smoked. And even then I ignored the obvious. That these cigarettes are going to kill me if I don’t stop!


There was a good month of this on again, off again thinking and the addiction always won. I was a well trained addict by my own addiction. But eventually I found a crack in my shroud of addiction. A moment when I could see things clearly and when I did, I realized that my world was ugly. It was dirty and full of lies of my own making. For a moment, I saw my future as a smoker. Tethered to oxygen lines all of the time. Unable to climb stairs or even leave the house because of what my addiction had done to me. I could see my children and grandchildren and the sadness they felt as they watched me slowly fade away, still smoking to the last breath when death takes me.


And then the crack slammed shut and for another week or two, I simply ignored all of the thoughts of that day of discovery simply because I knew that believing what I saw could end the hold my addiction had on me.  And then one day, I realized that I’d seen a vision of the future and realized right at that moment that this vision of my future wasn’t static. That I could change it. That it might not be to late.


That’s really how my quit journey began. A slow period of discovery and for a single moment, an honest vision of the reality that I would face if I didn’t change things. And on the day that I did actually quit, I could see a new future. One where I could share my love with my grandchildren and one where I could see my family but this time it was all smiles! I’d lifted the shroud of my addiction to see the reality that was always there and that was really all it took.


That was the day that I realized that what I do today will determine what my future will look like tomorrow, and on that day I chose the bright future over the dirty, sad, ugly one.


It can be hard to lift the shroud of addiction and see things as they really are. That’s because it took us a long time to create this shroud. This mist that distorts reality was built by our own minds one day at a time in order to continue feeding the addiction.


And when we quit, the shroud is still there but we get glimpses through it, which causes confusion and frustration. We want our old life back and know we can’t have it. But slowly, the shroud is lifted and we can begin to see this new future that awaits us. We begin to want our new lives more than we want our addiction. We want to be free more than anything!


And then the journey becomes easier for you see, all along we just had to learn that our addiction was nothing but a lie. That our futures will be bright because we chose to make them that way.


Your future awaits you! All you have to do is prove by your actions how you want that future to look. . .





I know we talk a lot about quitting. I mean it’s kind of a main topic around this place. But there’s something to be told about achieving the ultimate goal of freedom. Though we’ll always be addicts, there really does come a time when we’re free of addiction, though left with a few battle scars.


I know it’s a roller-coaster to get to the final goal but to me it helped a lot to always think of that shining goal of freedom. I dreamed of this goal every day of my quit, only looking back to see how far I’d already come.


We go through so much on the journey and quite often we wonder if this journey is worth all the misery it causes us. As we progress, we always question if we’re doing the right thing, our minds in constant turmoil.


But one day comes a day where we realize that we’re no longer struggling. A day where we just kind of wake up to the fact that the constant noise that was in our heads for so long is now gone, or at the worst, an ignorable whisper. Feeling this freedom also helps us to feel more secure in our futures. We tend to see life as a lot more precious once we actually have the time to see our new world without the shroud of addiction constantly trying to blind us.


At last we can take the time to look inward and see what has changed. To see what we’ve accomplished over this trying time in our lives. Our perception slowly changes to see our new and wonderful world. We feel our bodies blooming into the beautiful flower of life as health returns to our bodies, and we begin to notice just how wonderful oxygen really is, now that it’s no longer mingled with the toxic smoke of death.


We feel a pride and a love for everything around us. We begin to actually SEE the world around us. The very world that we ignored for so long in order to feed the addiction. And slowly we gain the confidence to learn to do all that we were afraid to do because of the fear of losing our quit.


And the fire of freedom burns within us, and helps us to believe that now we can walk a little longer. We can run a little farther. We can love others a little deeper, and we can think a little clearer, no longer consumed with the old cigarette schedule for the day.


All of that extra money is nice too, now that we actually WANT to go places, to explore like we’ve never explored before. And as the addiction becomes a thing of the past, we really start looking forward to the future, and no longer dread it.


All this and more awaits you if you can just stay focused on the wonderful good you’re doing for yourself and let the fight run its course. It’s more than worth it. It’s a doorway to a precious new life and I can tell you, it’s nothing short of amazing!!


I can’t wait to see you on the other side of this time in your lives. To see that smile that can only come from taking your own life and transforming it into something amazing!





Things that make  me"  wanna smoke today.

People who hide behind a ton of hair.
Sun glass  wearers, in the house.
My pet peeves. 

No Kitten!

It's a bright sun shinny Day!

Me last nite.

Me last nite.

Really Really Me!

If someone want's to see the real me here I am!!   

This is a cranky day for me.   Oodles of house work.  Hate that too!

Ya I'm a NOPE with a patch..........Grrrrrrrrr
We all have insecurities.  Part of the Hu_man expereince.  I have so many.  Not smoking actually helps  me" to embrace them, sometimes.




Posted by anaussiemom Mar 13, 2018

I made it!!  Drove to appt.  then went to superstore for a Pink music cd.  I have my trampoline finally today!.  Gonna stop out those crap receptors.    Focused on what I wanted and kept walking....
 Got home parked in garage, left my purse and keys, in car.  Locked them in car!!  Cuz it was a tough doable"  So hubby can go back to supporting me, hiding da" keys. 
I will be jumping for joy tomorrow on my trampo"  Graciously Proud!!

OH  Woot Woot!

I had my bladder cancer surgery today and am clean once more. This morning I woke up almost free of angst, fear, paranoia, and dread. I also woke up to my quit smoking rock. My little friend that helped me stay clean for days. It's talking to me and I'm listening.


As the nurse was going over my past history, it was sort of shocking to see and hear what my body has been through. I don't think about it much. I get things fixed and move on. Today, though, I'm working on believing and embracing that it takes more than moving on. She said to me, "You look so much better than this history!" I wasn't sure how to take that, but the underlying message to myself was, "Yep, you pull the wool over others' and your own eyes very well." 


Inside is an extremely healthy and fit person crying to get out. The only way to make that happen is to just do it - eat right, don't smoke, exercise/move, and get decent sleep. Simple, huh? 


I'm putting my quit smoking rock back in my pocket. I have no reason to smoke. I do have every reason not to. It can be a cause for bladder cancer (there are others). It's happening and I promise to come back here and blog about it. 



Posted by anaussiemom Mar 12, 2018

TODAY  IS SATURDAY MARCH 10TH.- I  am on the back 40, of what I jokingly call the Ponderosa in ND.

FEELING VERY STRONG IN MY QUIT! TODAY IS DAY 33.....I never thought I could do it!!!!! Never in a Million

Years, did I think I'd make the 1620 plus a few extra miles,4  long days,instead of 3...Trapped in a SUV with a very dear friend and SMOKE! Especially, when you are pretty NEW to YOUR QUIT!!!! She continued to be considerate of my Quit. I do like cinnamon 2mg Nic. gum, but only used 2 pcs. a day and my 14 mg. patch.


I did however, chew alot of gum, ate all kinds candy,sunseeds,pretzels,apple fritters and almonds....BIG suppers when we stopped at night. I did expect to cough alot from the 2nd. hand smoke.... That didn't happen either!  I was exhausted every night and fell into a coma like sleep instantly!  Awaken early  in the morning, quietly dress and take Mazy outside. Aspermont TX is NO place to spend the night! Nice Enough Community,  Grateful for a decent bed. A DQ to order something to eat... The ONLY Motel was one of those built in late 50's or early 60's. Very small room,2 queens sqoze in,a tiny table,1chair,nightstand,TV,window air and small bathroom....Served our purpose and happy we found it! It was clean, but felt TOO crowded and tight for my skin!!!!!! I am ALSO NOT A HAPPY CAMPER WITHOUT A HOT CUP OF COFFEE... RIGHT OUT OF BED!!!!There

was none to be had,until we loaded and stopped to fuel up.....Beginning Another Long Day...Knowing with every mile north the storms were raging on!!!!!!!!! Checking weather often to see just HOW FAR SOUTH THIS BIG STORM WAS GOING.......SURE ALL THE EMOTIONAL STUFF I WAS FEELING AND NOT EXPRESSING WAS THE QUIT..........My ADDICTION SCREAMING go buy a menthol and walk the parking lot with Mazy....I 

DID NOT DO THAT!!! It would have been so EASY!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I SURE WANTED TOO!!!! I PRAYED and I THANK GOD FOR ALL THOSE PRAYING FOR ME...... I had in the NEW stash: red and black licorce,hot cinnamon candies,menthol cough drops,milk duds,mm's,coke-cola......I Nibbled my way North. I also read,crocheted on my afghan,played a game,read at the site on my phone... and as Navagator, watched the GPS for our road.


Monday was sunny and temps were much cooler than we left behind us but still comfortable at 45-50. As the afternoon was turning to early evening we couldn't see any good sized towns on our Atlas or GPS. We had come across the last of Texas,Oklahoma and a good part of Kansas. After some calls and no luck in places to stay. We ended up stopping in Colby Kansas. This is good sized with more than 1 place. The temps. had been cooling off while wind had come up. We hadn't seen any snow....The wind was darn COLD and escalating ....

We Found a nice Days Inn who accepted pets. Ended up spending 2 days there. Not our 1st. choice! The storms weren't over up north. The immediate problem was Kansas had a 35-45 mph sustained wind with guts of 70+ mph...The truck stop close to us was full of semi's. As more and more SUV and Cars/Pickups pulled off the road and found lodging. Matters were made worse with 2 prairie fires and the high winds.


We were so happy to be there. The breakfasts were great! If you left hungry, it was because; you didn't want to eat. The Bar and Grill attached to the Days Inn had wonderful food. They even had room service. This worked well with Mazy. She was tired, wanted to roam the room and have her grandma fuss over her. ON Thursday the weather was good and we headed out early in the morning. Reports told us the storms were over in ND,SD and NE. We made very good time,stopping only for fuel and quick lunch. We were tired and just wanted to get home.

This was day 4 since leaving Texas. The other side of Pierre SD we started running into patches of slush and short stretches of ice. The roads in SD slowed us down and were stressing us out! Neither of us like slush or icy roads. When we hit ND the roads were much improved,as they put their people out immediately and keep cleaner highways and interstates. My girlfriend was smoking more as she was stressed and fatigued..... I did

used my cinnamon nic gum (2mg-2 pcs) that day.... I didn't SMOKE,but sure I had my share of 2nd. hand smoke. I was wearing my 14 mg. patch! I believe it was 7 ish, when we pulled into Steele. My hubby arrived shortly,we quickly loaded my stuff into his truck. After he fooled with Mazy who was now excited to be on home turf!!!!!

Our county road to the place was packed with snow and wheel tracks down the road. Not a problem for a big truck.....


I think, my hubby was as surprised as I was...that I made it through all that MESS AND WAS STILL A NON-SMOKER!!!! Huge stressors in traveling that far,knowing storms were in front of us. PROBLEMS WITH FINDING LODGING, as well as different types of storms in Kansas. I prayed,I felt prayers of many others I contacted before leaving TX. I distracted myself with needlework,kindle,phone games,candy and snacks. Watches the GPS and Atlas closely for us...... 


MY POINT IS:IF A 45 YR. SMOKER, CAN TAKE THAT LENGTHY JOURNEY, AS A FAIRLY NEW QUITTER AND ARRIVE HOME STILL A NON-SMOKER AND COUNTING UP THE DAYS OF FREEDOM! The cravings were not that bad! ANYBODY CAN DO IT!!!!! You have to want to be FREE BADLY ENOUGH, TO WALK THE WALK, NOT JUST TALK THE TALK......I am so Happy I found the site! I will NEVER BE A SMOKER AGAIN! I will tell you that I am a couple months away from my 64 birthday! I've known the Risks of Smoke for decades. I haven't lived under a rock..... I just had NEVER SPENT THE TIME TO TRULY PREPARE FOR THE LONG HAUL AND THE QUIT!

I AM A N.O.P.E.   ...alot of people will be truly surprised, when they realize I Quit! We haven't told anyone, but my prayer warriors,my sister and hubby...Going to wait and see how long it takes for all the people in my world to realize what changed. I must tell you for the 1st. time in my entire LIFE,I am CALM and RELAXED most of the time!  Do I still have my Moments! Absolutely! Do they last? Not Very Long! Sometimes, I even cuss the situation I am straightening out..... DO I WANT TO LIGHT UP???????   NOT ONE BIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope and pray, if you haven't started your will be soon. If you're on your journey and finding the road rough and tough.....Dig in!!!! Use this site! The tools...Strengthen your resolve! Do whatever it takes to free yourself...You will NEVER BE SORRY!!!!!!!  Prairie 34 DOF





Good day EXer’s!!


I was just thinking about those hard days of a quit. One would think that the first day is the hardest. Personally, that wasn’t how it was how it was for me. In hindsight I realized that this was because I was ready for that first day. I was actually excited to put our that last cigarette after my long months of preparation.


And when I woke the next day a non-smoker, I was still excited as I applied the first patch and got moving for the day. I’d already beaten my trigger of smoking in the car during my preparations, so I knew that wouldn’t be a problem for me. Also, I’d used separation exercises to try to separate the triggers from the urges.


Once I understood triggers, I simply didn’t allow myself to smoke for an extended period of time when I faced one . For me, this took away the power of the trigger, or so I hoped. On that first morning as I had for over forty years, I wanted that morning cigarette. I wanted it badly but because it was my first day, I expected this. To me, the first day wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I’d expected it to be.


Really, in the first week it was easy to fight my way through my withdrawal. Really similar for the second week. I was fighting and arguing with myself like we all do at first, but I never lost sight of my goal of freedom.


I came here all I could to blog in those first weeks and months. But at times it just seemed like this journey was dragging on. Like there was no end in sight. At times, I’d feel my resolve slipping, but I continued using my tools to fight my own minds mistaken thoughts. The ones that I knew no longer belonged to me.


The long journey can indeed become frustrating simply because we want it to end right now and cannot understand why it doesn’t. We become focused on the misery of it all and slowly try to convince ourselves that what we’re doing is wrong, when in reality what where doing is right for a thousand different reasons.


We become frustrated as our divided minds continue to argue with themselves, one side demanding a smoke while the other side fights it’s own thoughts. It’s crazy! And also at times can be hard to understand.


We become angry that we cannot calm the screaming child of our addiction and yes, eventually the thought creeps in that tells us that there’s only one way to make all this go away. All we need is one little puff to end the misery.


And at that moment if we forget to ignore the lies of our addiction, we begin to believe the addicted side of our brain. Some of us are completely shocked when we first see the crack in our resolve. Others grasp that thought and allow it to torture them. And sometimes we just give in and the moment we do, we realize once again how much we’d been lying to ourselves. We realize that true calm can only come from freedom, and usually, we’ll try again.


For me, whenever I saw this crack trying to open in my resolve, I found blogging here at EX to be an excellent distraction until I could get my mind straight. Typing keeps the hands busy and the mind engaged in something besides the endless argument. And eventually, my mind would calm.


My point is that we all have tools to save our quits in the worst of times, and yet some of us don’t use them and lose our quit. We have to be always vigilant. We have to be able to focus on all we’re gaining rather than what we’re losing. And we have to believe in those reasons enough to keep on the path.


Once we become blinded by freedom and have no room left for the negative, then we become free. Once we accept that the world will never be the same as it was when we smoked, then we become free. Once we decide once and for all that this new life is exactly what we wanted all along, we have reached the summit of Mt. Freedom, and I can tell you that once you do reach that wonderful goal, you’ll feel no doubt. You’ll feel no fear. All you’ll feel is a kind of calm that you’ve forgotten ever existed. It’s there for the taking. All you have to do is fight to get it!!







Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Mar 10, 2018

Good day Exer’s! I woke up this morning thinking of all you dedicated people out there fighting for freedom! And it reminded me of the days when I first quit smoking. That first two weeks when our world is filled with a kind of confusion and uncertainty that can be felt whenever we step into a world we don’t understand fully.


I remember during my preparation days, how my number one goal was to rid myself of the fear that I felt as my quit date came ever closer. It was always in the forefront of my mind. Would I be able to pull this off? Would I be willing to face whatever comes my way? Will I be able to turn all of my knowledge that I acquired while prepping into an actual quit?


And then, at last, after changing my quit date at least three times, I put out that last cigarette and I remember thinking to myself, “No fear!!” I walked into the house a non-smoker and started a journey that I was actually excited about starting.


Using the patches, I woke my first day and I remember wondering what it was going to be like. That first week of a quit though difficult is also filled with an endless amounts of firsts. We have to learn how to do our day to day activities without including the cigarette in it. We have to do things without the simple reward of a smoke afterwards. We have to deal with day to day stress without the false relaxation that we always counted  on.


But the main thing I remember was how my mind filled the time that I used to fill with cigarettes with an endless argument that just wouldn’t calm, and seemed impossible to ignore. Sometimes for me, it was thoughtless impulses to smoke with no real thought attached to it, but one thing was certain. It was constant.


I remember how proud I was to make it past that first week, and yet still knowing I had a long way to go. I remember the second week as being filled with intense emotion and yes, still the confusion that I felt in the beginning. I always made sure my head was in the right place before getting up to face the day.


The craves came and went and even now, just two weeks removed from my addiction, I could sense the internal voice becoming less urgent. It was still there, but just a notch less in intensity then the previous week.


This second week was a time of discovery. I’d begun to accept the fate that I had chosen for myself. I was becoming a little more confident in my ability to quit as the week progressed. Quite often, I’d get a strong urge and would remind myself that the urge only lasts for a minute or two and that if I didn’t latch onto it, it wouldn’t last for hours, and so very early in my quit I learned to see the crave for what it was. An impulse that the mind created because of the countless tentacles of addiction that were woven within my fabric.


I mention these memories for a couple of reasons. The first is so that others can understand that a lot of what they’re going through is what would be called “normal” when it comes to losing an addiction.


But secondly, I wanted to say that this experience does get better. Sure, it takes time. Sure, it takes commitment and a burning desire for a better future but I can tell you for a fact that there is a better future out there so long as you can stay on the path.


Never believe for an instant that you cannot achieve this goal for life. For freedom. For a brighter future that we can share with our children and grandchildren. All you have to do is get through the hard part right at first and never stop learning when you put out that last cigarette, for much of must be learned can’t really be described. It just has to be felt.


Keep fighting!! Keep believing in yourself and one day you’ll realize that you really are free. That you’re actually feeling the peace and calm that comes from losing an addiction. This is a fight worth fighting on so many levels and we are here to help you when you might need a little compassion or perhaps a gentle nudge to get you back on track. You can do this just as so many before you have done.








Living free

Posted by Kimshine Mar 9, 2018

Here I am Again.

I have been back here  looking around and checking out this site again for the last month. I have grown tired of this old addiction again. The site is all so different but I have been looking in on my elder's pages for that familiar knowledge and comfort. I'm so happy to see that most of the elders which I am familiar are still here helping and advising the newbies, including me. It has felt like a blessing to see there is still a lot of community support.  I remember how slow the site used to be but it was comfort even knowing the pace of this place. Now things look and feel so different. I'm gearing up for my freedom from nicotine once again. I'm not even sure I'm writing in the right place? I'm building up to begin this process again and I know the power of the folks here and the support shared. I have re-read Allen Carr and I have been re-educating myself on nicotine addiction.  I need to pick a quit date and decide how to accomplish my goal. I have not set a clear plan for myself this time which is unusual for me since I am usually fairly decisive. I know my quits have in the past caused me severe depression, anxiety and crying for weeks but I also know that there is light to be enjoyed after some time and healing. I have tried Chantix 1 time (not for me) and I have gone cold turkey. I think I'm more of a cold turkey kind of chick. Advice, blessings and tough love all welcome! Thank you for being here!

Day 7 ~♥

Posted by emilyt123078 Mar 9, 2018

What a gorgeous day! Went on a trail hike today with my hubs and my pups.  Early Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I feel so much brighter today. Yesterday felt like one big confusing mess and even the weather was blustery and the lights flickered. Pretty much how I felt.  I have been so hungry that, it seems, I eat and an hour later, starving again.  Going to yoga again tonight. The contortions really seem to help.  I love yoga. It's been a source of motivation for me to quit smoking.  I would love to be a yoga instructor for those who are dealing with anxiety, depression and life issues. My mother passed away in 2009.  It's been a long journey through that and one I'm still on, but I feel part of that journey is getting myself back on track and leaving behind some old ideas.  I want to help others and I can't do that very well when I'm not taking that same advice for myself.  I think we all need to do that in our life.  Learning to care about ourselves in the process of quitting something that doesn't give a rats butt about us.  Wow, I've said a lot today.

Enjoy your Friday. Thanks for all of your support.  I send you the same.


Pride And Ego

Posted by anaussiemom Mar 9, 2018

Undermines unity and can ultimately divides people, who are seeking support.


I realize  my reply button is not on.  I appreciate, so much love, from soooooooo  many people here on this site.

I am humbled many times by my err.   I am also humbled many times, by God,  he has a hand in everything in my life...  he aids me to concur,  also gives me journeys to fall,  and get up if I wish.  Finding my strengths,  comes from GOD, and thru GOD.
My beliefs.

I do not feel, a need to be trolled by a couple of people, I  have also asked them to stop, please.  They  think it' may be necessary, to fill their own insecurities...

As long as it continues to happen,   and is allowed" to happen.  Which is Cyber Bullying.  
"Taking what is good and leave the rest".   Is great advice, turning the cheek, is a must many times.      It can also be a catch all",  for abuse or "bullying mentality"

So once again I will just stop"" commenting on it. 
Until these couple of  hu-man  beings"  STOP IT!

I desire inbox only thank you


Day 5

Posted by emilyt123078 Mar 7, 2018

Today is day 5.  IT CAN BE DONE!  Here's a few things I've learned in 5 days:

1. I lay down if I can.  One hour of sleep really energizes me.

2. Stretch, breathe and, if need be, drink a glass of ice cold water.

3. Pat myself on the back.  Geez, this isn't easy and I've gone 5 days without the cigarette calling the shots.

4. Eat when hungry then make a plan to walk it off.

5 Listen to inspiring music.


Often in my quit, I used visualization to keep me focused on the task at hand. As I got closer and closer to the day of my quit, I visualized a tall mountain that I named Mt. Freedom. For me, it made it easier to get my mind to stay focused, even as it argued with itself.


I remember on the first day of my quit, I saw myself standing on the trailhead. I looked up to that peak and it looked so very far away! I took a deep breath, both in my vision and in reality and put out that last cigarette, and with it I took the first step on the road to freedom.


At first my steps were cautious as I entered a new chapter in my life. After a day I looked up and the summit was still so ever far away, but now I could also look back on the trail and see that even though it didn’t feel like it, there was progress.


As I continued on with each step taking me ever closer to my goal, I realized that though it was  a long journey that with each step I took, my confidence increased. Each step showed me the way to the next one, and I realized that a quit is never a single event. No, just like when we created our addiction one step at a time, so too do we have to destroy the addiction one step at a time.


We must be willing to scratch and fight our way up the mountain to find the freedom that awaits us. I did make it to the summit of that amazing mountain and I look down the slopes daily, hoping to be able to throw someone a rope, or lifeline to help them along the way just as those before me chose to throw me that line.


Though at times it may seem like we’re just trudging along and not really getting anywhere, or rather feeling any better. Never be afraid to look how far you’ve come. Sometimes looking to the beginning can remind us of why we chose the path to freedom in the first place. It can remind us of all those reasons we chose to travel a road that needed to be travelled.


We control our destinies one step at a time and each step that we take now will be felt in the wonderful future that you’re creating with every day that you stay on the path . Never doubt that you can’t do this. Every one of us has the answer of how to gain our freedom inside of us. We just have to find that glimmer of hope that yes, we can win and grab hold of that hope, turning into the reality that is nothing short of incredible.


Never doubt that you’re doing the right thing. Never for a moment think that you can’t do the right thing, and turn that thought of a quit into a reality that belongs to you, and you alone. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you on the summit, waving the banner of freedom proudly for all to see!


And to think, it all started with that first step and a desire to see a new and wonderful reality. It’s waiting for you. All you have to do is stay on the path . . .






Need help

Posted by ShawnP Champion Mar 7, 2018

Someone signed up for the Freedom Train on 3/4  but,  the profile link is incorrect. Who has a quit date of 3/1/2018? Just comment below and i can add you from here. If anybody else wants to be added to the list, also comment below with your quit date. Thank you!


Checking in

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Mar 6, 2018

Hello all,

I do hope all is well with you. Just dropping a line to tell you all that I’m finishing my son’s drywall problems today and will hope to have a bit more time to interact with you wonderful people shortly! Been working twelve hour days to get his job done while keeping up with the work already scheduled.


In the meantime, I hope everyone is doing well with your quits, or preparation. I know so many here are fighting the good fight with everything you’ve got!


The thing to remember is that unlike a lot of fights in our livers, this is one worth fighting for! And in the end, the results of that trying time in our lives is nothing short of amazing!


If you can keep your eyes on the prize of freedom, and use that desire to be free to strengthen the internal argument that we all must face, then before long, you’ll be standing on the other side of your addiction, looking back proudly and knowing that your life is so much better than the day when you built the courage to take that first step on the path of freedom. (WOW! That was a long sentence.)


Stay focused on the future. That’s where your reward lies. It may be hard to get there but once you do, you’ll find a kind of peace that only a recovered or recovering addict can feel. You’ll find that freedom from addiction was worth every moment of your struggles!


A quit lives inside of us and as such it has to be a personal battle. But we’re here to take some of the mystery out of your journey. We’re here to throw you a lifeline when you need it. We’re here to not only attest to the incredible freedom that you’re heading  to one day at a time, but also to help you to calm the relentless argument within your minds simply because we’ve been there and want nothing more then to see you feel that same freedom.


Our desires are one and the same. Freedom for all!!





Gratitude day 3♥

Posted by emilyt123078 Mar 5, 2018

Venting part 1.  Felt tired. Felt anxious, yelled, almost cried.  

I have to be grateful today, because I went for a walk to the park with my husband and my dogs.  We had a great time even though I was obviously not feeling up to par. He took my hand in his because he noticed I was quiet.  I wasn't angry or upset, I wasn't feeling good and when I'm not, I'm quiet.  My husband tried to cheer me up and I did smile.  Those are the times when I feel this distance between how others manage life without smoking and how I don't.  Oh, I know that there will be a day that I can get on with my life without thinking about a cigarette, but I'm not there yet and that's okay.  People make bad choices even when they don't smoke, or never smoked.  I made a choice not to smoke today. That was a good choice.  I can say that I'm grateful for that. 


It feels like it hurts

Posted by anaussiemom Mar 4, 2018

I don't care what Alan Carr, said in his book, sometimes it feels"  like it hurts"  craving a sick stick.  I love the book.  Fun, knowledgeable book.

Last night watching a  movie about Somalia Pirates, with hubby Dean.    It was a great movie true story....

Then I started  tearing up, for a sick stick.   Did not need to put my head in a freezer, it is cold here.   Stepped outside sobbed, buckled over, in heavy yearning,  to run across the street to get cigarettes.   I could not do that, wouldn't make it, I need to be healthy, and... and...

I'm starting day 4 officially.  It wasn't hard at night for me in the past.   What is up with that?  

Anyway don't matter.  I'm reminded every morning when I wake up, by what smoking has done for me,,, nothing!!

Cradling my precious rosary made by my Kelly Girl.   Not catholic,   But love it's symbolism.   It keeps my hands and fingers beezy" .   Kinda like worry beads.   


This is my 3rd attempt in as many days to blog. I am still without a mouse due to software issues not accepting the newer mouse. The first time I tried to blog I hit the wrong button and lost everything I wrote, yesterday I just could not get my thoughts into words, tonight..success


I have been quite the last few days. I found a new hobby/craft called painting with diamonds. I used to do latch hook, but my hands would cause to many issues and I haven't completed a latch hook project in years. I saw a facebook ad for the paint with diamonds and ordered a kit and I am hook on it. I also got my replacement sewing machine so I have been working on getting some pants hemmed for my husband (he is only 5'7) so everything is just to long for him. I also have some patches I need to put on my roommates pants and some curtains that I want to shorten-so a few things planned with the new sewing machine. My roommate got his brother to help him move the pool table down to the basement so I have spent a few hours shooting pool. I have also been helping my husband get gifts/little trinkets together for his dinner party Monday.


What I was thinking would be a few friends joining us for dinner, we now have 30+ people planning to stop in at Dennys to visit with us. I got the meeting room booked from 5-8 so we will see how that goes. My husband likes giving presents so he has been gathering stuff and I have been helping out with that. Got my dog into the vet today for a nail trim and her yearly visit/shots. Since our roommate is going with us it is just easier to take her vs having people come check on her-shes only slightly spoiled. The last time my husband and I were in Kansas City was Oct 2016. He was part of a drug trial and we made the trip to KC every two weeks. We had our regular hotel and the hotel gives each guest 3 free drinks during their evening "happy hour". Well since we made plans to go I have been really looking forward to having a drink or two. I have not had a drink since Oct 2016, both my husband and roommate are recovering alcoholics so we don't keep alcohol in the house and until a couple weeks ago I have been driving my husband around for the last couple of years so I have not had a chance to get a drink when we were out of the house. I know a lot of my friends smoke so I will not put myself into the situation of having a drink and going back to the restaurant and if I get a drink, it will be one drink that I just take to my hotel room and leave in the room and not drink until I am in for the night. I still haven't decided if I will drink, but I do know I will not smoke, not one puff ever, and will forgo the drink if I have any hesitation.


Continuing to hold tight to my quit



Posted by anaussiemom Feb 28, 2018

Seriously!  Good Night.

That Is All!

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