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It was said to ME every time I USED MY DRUG OF CHOICE NICOTINE AGAIN and again and again.... IF you always DO..... USED NICOTINE MY WAY.... what you've always done..... I THOUGHT OF A BETTER WAY TO USE NICOTINE THIS TIME you'll always get what you always got..I PROVE TO MYSELF I AM ADDICTED TO NICOTINE.....I HAVE PROVEN THIS TO MYSELF BUT......MY PRIDE convinces ME to NOT take MY NICOTINE ADDICTION SERIOUSLY! Please I am talking about ME not anyone else so take what helps and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim thank you..MY PRIDE always came up with an excuse and BUT was always before MY EXCUSE... BUT I thought it would be diffferent using NO filtered smokes....BUT this happened... BUT I am smarter than you...BUT then it was said to ME try a NEW way of thinking about the way you USE that word BUT and next time you hear yourself use that word BUT......STOP......and picture a BIG FAT HAIRY BUTT SITTING ON YOUR FACE AND YOU BELIEVE YOUR OWN BUT EXCUSE for USING NICOTINE AGAIN and just maybe by Gods grace you will SMELL YOUR OWN BULL and come OUT of YOUR OWN DENIAL of why I always DO what I have always DOne EXPECTING a different result... this is how I USE TO THINK... then I read Byron's early death article at and it brought ME out of MY PRIDEFUL SELF RIGHTEOUS DENIAL... it aint just a river in Egypt....I read TODAY Quentin's early death article written by his momma at the last thing he did before dying... he didn't ask to hold and kiss his baby daughter months old he didnt ask to hug and kiss his mom.... he didnt ask to look up at the sky... he reached for his drug NICOTINE.... he USED NICOTINE....please go read the article for YOURSELF...dont take MY word on it...Quentin was 23... what is your DO? to use ONE more just because you DONT want to grow up and be responsible for your CHOICES your OWN life to continue to blame OTHERS for YOUR free will CHOICE to DO....... keep on keeping on