Nice thing that happened

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 22, 2018

My daughter has been after me for years to stop smoking. She's 33. She used to fuss at me when she was little and it continued throughout the years. I've quit many times and though she's always proud of me, she doubles down on me when I start back up. I have specifically not mentioned this quit to her. I haven't made a big deal of it anywhere but here on BecomeAnEx. I want to be sure, you know?


I have posted on Twitter using the #quitsmoking tag. There are a few loyal people out there and I've even met an author of a "how I quit" book (I'm reading his book now). My daughter is on Twitter, but doesn't go there often at all. But, her best friend does. 


Allison (daughter) called tonight to say hi. She's living in Boston (I'm in Virginia), so we keep in touch via phone and Facetime often. She asked about my upcoming surgery. She hinted around about this and that, then asked me what's up. Somehow, I ended up mentioning my running errands today without smoking and feeling pretty pumped about that. She said "that's the best news I've heard in such a long time." 


I felt so good about that. I eventually told her about my little quit smoking rock and that I didn't inform her of the quit because I've disappointed her so many times before and wanted to be certain this was really happening. This amazing little girl who is now an amazing young woman did nothing but encourage me and tell me how proud she was of me. 


Yeah, I cried a little. Nothing like a little something positive from one of your kids