New experiment with husband

Blog Post created by minihorses on Feb 16, 2018

The following post is me needing to vent so please keep that in mind.

I've decided to try an experiment concerning how often my husband talks to me.  First off I want to say that I NEVER play games with people's emotions.  It's wrong no matter who you are or how P.O.I am. I live by the golden rule.  This is just an experiment that I feel will gauge how he feels about me. A little background here. Most of you know he rarely says two words to me let alone have a conversation..  He spends his evenings and weekends in the garage doing work for his job (salaried no overtime), watches tv or a movie, drinks beer, and putters fixing broken stuff or whatever. I can go out there and he pretty much ignores my presence. He never comes in for dinner even. When he comes in if the boys aren't using the PS4 he'll lay on the floor and play a video game.  Again, no talking.  No plans for anything like possible vacation, planning for retirement, going to a local event, or anything else.  This has been going on for years.

So I decided to conduct a little experiment.  I am simply going to count the days he doesn't talk to me beyond the "hello" when he gets home and possibly a "good night" on his way to the bedroom that I can't sleep in. I'm already on day 3 since starting this experiment.  

Oh yeah, my boys both asked me this morning how many days I had not smoked.  When I told them it was 110 they both said "you're doing great! We're SO proud of you!"  Hubby has still not said a word to me about stopping smoking.  

No replies needed for this post.  Just needed to vent before I gave into the demon.  Life happens whether or not I smoke so I choose NOPE.  Thanks all for allowing me to blow off some steam without judging me!