Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Feb 10, 2018

I really TRY to do this especially when I know I am being OVER SENSITIVE like in some of MY moments of this day......the FACTS....MY emotions and MY mental twisted perspective is due to dealing with life on life's terms.....MY cousin died of cancer on Feb. 5 friends husband died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack....and just for today has been one month since one of MY adult daughters has chosen to not speak to ME...and I have gained weight because I CHOSE to comfort MYSELF with food and today I made the decision to look at the FACTS....and NOT TO TAKE IT PERSONAL....MY daughter has a lot going on in her adult life and it is ok for her NOT to communicate at this time for whatever her reasons I will respect her and continue being ME and sent love texts to her anyway. FACTS....and NOT TO TAKE IT PERSONAL...death happens to all...I will continue to send love sympathy cards and pray for all involved...during ALL this personal emotional and mental thoughts of PAST and NEW thinking of MINE...I throw away the stinking thinking that is selfish and self-centered OLD thoughts that TRY to convince ME....all people....each and EVERYONE who gets up today has ME on their minds......I am laughing out loud.......I REALLY USE TO THINK THAT WAY IN THE PAST! God has healed ME in a lot of thinking to REMEMBER it is NOT about ME.... its about God and others in MY PRESENT DAY!!! today I continue to send the love notes to those I care about and let them know they are being prayed for and love by ME regardless if they respond or not and I really TRY to leave the OUTCOME IN MY DADDY GODS I confess MY OVER SENSITIVITY AND SELFISHNESS AND SELF-CENTEREDNESS and receive Gods forgiveness with NO GUILT OR CONDEMNATION in MY Lord Jesus name amen  Then like it was SUGGESTED 7 YEARS AGO.......keep on keeping for ME to NOT TAKE IT PERSONAL and just keep being the wonderful loving kind and sweet lady who keeps NOT TAKING ONE PUFF OVER ME and takes MY OWN sin inventory and remembers to thank God that he is MY judge who sets ME FREE to be all God wants ME to be......just ME.....I love spaghetti it takes wonderful with fresh baked bread...gosh its wonderful to have taste buds! The SUGGESTION to blog BEFORE I take anything personal and hurt others was a very good suggestion for ME! Thanks for letting ME share!