Entering No Mans Land

Blog Post created by desiree465 on Jan 29, 2018

So I'm at the start of no mans land. I have only ever made it this far once. It was when hooka's started to become popular and my brother in-law brought one camping and boom that was it. I was a full blown smoker again the next day.

This time feels different. I come to this site every day sometimes multiple times even when I'm not having those full blown terrible cravings because it reminds me that I need to focus on not smoking every day and that at any moment my inner junkie can appear.

At this point I've stopped secluding myself from other smokers. And yes they do seem to think I should be over it. They don't understand why I can't stand outside with them and talk while they smoke. But this time around I realize it's not about them and their addiction. I always have the choice to say no, even if they push a little bit. This is about my quit and my willpower. 

The other night me and my husband went to happy hour, which is something I have also avoided, and had such a great time. We both quit together so it was nice not having to go outside every 30 minutes to have a smoke. It was also nice not having to sit by myself inside while he smoked and vice versa. Honestly neither one of us thought about smoking until we left and noticed that not smoking wasn't an issue that night. 

Having everyone's encouragement and guidance on this site has really made a difference.