All MY Marbles

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jan 26, 2018

Today all MY marbles fell in place....I released ALL my expectations and ACCEPTED love... joy... peace... from MY Lord Jesus and was led by MY Holy Comforter to get layered up in winter clothing and go for a WALK to the library and share MY lesson of expectations of who what where when how worries vengeance anger hate rage doubt and because I SAID SO mouth talk of OLD life by living in the PAST of guilt and shame....MY list of expectations will go to infinity so I brought them to MY Lord and confessed and them by MY belief as I placed them ALL on His head on the cross for ME and MY Lord and accepted His sacrifice for ALL MY SINS past present and future for ME and I believe He released ME to live MY OWN life finally because I QUIT expecting God... My Lord Jesus and OTHERS to make ME............. happy sad IF they would just STOP using nicotine....etc.....just fill in the blank because MY expectations of make will go on too MY OLD thinking and feeling living through others lives and their consequences...TIME was invested in was 6 hours and 24 minutes of confessing and receiving forgiveness of ALL MY SINS of MY excuses of using NICOTINE to mask ALL MY expectations of God people and was a lot of SELF honesty due to the FACT I cannot CHANGE another person...I cannot CAUSE another to USE nicotine or anything.....and I cannot CURE I took MY OWN sin inventory and I was given the gift of believing I will stay QUIT because I CHOICE to believe ALL MY Lord Jesus did for ME personally for only ME on the cross......( each human has free will to choose Jesus personally by reading in the Bible for YOURSELF..... 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 for yourself NO ONE can do this for anyone....ALL on you and your choice) I also received the gift of CHOICES....CHANCES......AND CHANGE.....gosh it is wonderful NOT living other peoples lives...especially MY 32 year old daughter.....that LESSON was a personally spiritual awakening for ME and was life CHANGING FOR ME.....because ALL MY Marbles fell into place and now I am really enjoying being ALIVE IN MY CHRIST LIFE STYLE... really living MY LIFE for ME....I was always playing the martyr and pity life....blaming others...if they weren't doing this or that I wouldn't be living a martyrdom life....feel sorry for her look what her kids are doing to their poor mom....I was a martyrDUMMIE!!!! I am grateful ALL MY Marbles fell in place and I really live MY OWN life  one day at a time nicotine free and LOVING ME by faith in MY Lord Jesus amen. Thanks for letting ME be ME. It really is a wonderful life to receive CHOICES...CHANCES AND CHANGE!!! HOORAY FOR JESUS!!!