Me consider a Elder?

Blog Post created by Lonita on Jan 8, 2018

After 7 years being smoke-free I have never considered myself Elder! I consider myself ex-smoker or non-smoker.  I still smile when someone asks me for a killer cigarettes and I reply sorry I don't smoke or I don't do that anymore.  Hoping it will open the door to ask me how did I quit.  Of course, I will be glad to tell them how I did it.  My sister finally has quit and she is very proud of her quit and yes she did it her way.  To quit smoking there is only one way to do it.  Don't smoke! Don't light it up!  Don't take that nasty puff.  Just say NO!  But the question is how do you say NO your way.  I came to the ex-community, read, read, and read.  Listen to any advice was given.  I kept telling myself one puff was not worth messing up my quit.  I battle myself, No man land, and stress.  Have you figured out your way by not smoking? 

It's really is easy chose to live not death.  Keep smoking death is right around the corner. That may seem harsh to say and for me, that is a scary thought.  When I was a teenage began smoking that thought of smoking is killing me never enter my mind but it does now. I'm not the best on advice but I do know how difficult it is to relearn to live without smoking.  When you set your mind to protect your quit that is how you quit.