Only Just a Dream

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Jan 7, 2018

Well, I finally had that dream last know, the one where you are smoking?  Ya....but that's never going to happen, but I do say, it seemed so real!

Until I woke up and didn't give it a thought until later in the morning when I shared my dream with my significant other.  

It was a short dream, I was suddenly taking a puff from someone else's smoke, and then I asked for a whole one!  Ewe....I am so glad that I couldn't taste it in my dream.  I probably would have woken up and started coughing!  

Strange how a dream can happen just like that, because I honestly don't ever think about smoking, and I don't experience craves.  I feel like I'm a lucky quitter, because it would be really hard to have to experience those things! 

Just thought I'd share, Have a blessed day everyone! And NTAP!