News in a Day

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jan 7, 2018

Please take what helps and let go of the rest to be helpful is my only aim...... the doctor said to my friend this past few days...... we are pretty sure we took out the cancer in your colon and then my friend received news that her sister died these same days and monday doctor scheduled more tests for cancer in the small intestines... my other friend who has the disease of alcoholism who drinks vodka everyday was given medicine to help her NOT to drink vodka everday yet NOW is drinking vodka with the medicine which people have died with this free will choice....then as this day continued to move forward for ME a lesson pn acceptance of life on lifes terms... one day at a time and I thank God for ONE day....we made a decision to continue to continue to prayer for them and leave the outcome in Gods hands....while texting our offer to help each one however they need us to help eacj one to just call or text us and God willing we will help the way they want us too..,I cried and cried and thanked God for his love mercy and grace to be of his service to all he chooses and I came here NOT even the thought of using nicotine just the prayer asking God who do you want me to help in Jesus name NOT ONE PUFF OVER LIFE ON LIFES TERMS FOR ME! Thanks for letting ME JUST BLOW OUT THESE FEELINGS..... this too shall pass!!!