Hey y'all

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Dec 4, 2017

I've been doing good between my son's choir practice church and husband staying out of jail every other week I've been super busy plus Christmas is coming up an I've been doing some shopping and I haven't even got my Christmas tree up this week it will be my oldest is doing very well the one who's in a military group home he might have a home pass for Christmas I really hope he does. I miss him so much I got their rooms set up met his new probation officer he seems real nice got bunk beds for my other two an johnathan now has my room I just have a busy life I'm trying to keep it all together it's hard at times but I'm doing okay health has improved with stomach issues been on Prevacid it's help d alot I can't go without one everyday I am still 71 days clean from cigarettes not messing up my quit days for nothing or nobody got a new puppy y'all like her name is Milly Mae Cook she's a weenie dog /dashund!!!! Y'all have a great Christmas an New Year I will be back later on love y'all all