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2708 days

Posted by Angie-Lah Dec 28, 2017

Hello friends  It's been a while. Again. I'm still smoke free. I found an online community that's more focused on my other issues, so I've been spending a lot of time there, but I still like to check in every now and then at home, so to speak  2708 days smoke free. 7.5 years. Sometimes it feels like I was never a smoker, like maybe that 10 years I spent as one was really the anomaly. There's a statement I used to see on here all the time and I feel like it applies to so many things, I don't know who to attribute it to, I didn't come up with it, but it's so perfectly true. ~I'd rather be a former smoker who occasionally desires a cigarette, than a smoker who constantly desires to quit.~


I never really experience the desire to smoke anymore. I still dream about it sometimes. Even second hand smoke gives me such terrible headaches still that I can't imagine going back to it. Hope all is well with everyone and I hope you all enjoy a smoke free holiday. Happy New Year <3


Merry Christmas

Posted by ShawnP Champion Dec 25, 2017

Good morning! It's a beautiful morning with snow. Of all the times that i wish for snow has to be Christmas. Otherwise, it doesn't feel the same. Wishing all of you here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Love to all! 


Happy Saturday

Posted by Daniela-3-11-2016 Dec 16, 2017

Since we are in the last week's count down for Christmas, why not spending it with a smile?


After all we know Happy Quitters have it much easier than Sad Quitters ("I lost my best friend" said me in the 1st month of my fact I lost my worse enemy...should have been so happy instead of "watering my cheeks" over it).

So here goes, enjoy this time, if anything running shopping will make us lose some pounds we intend to put back eating all the cookies:

Image result for funny saturday


And this is for you elvan, who knows what strappy high heels you were wearing yesterday while shopping...

Image result for funny saturday


Happy Baking everyone!
Image result for funny saturday

Get both hands in the dough, you won't have another one to hold a cigarette, unless you learned to use other body parts for that!


Image result for funny smoking


Day one

Posted by donna_2oo3 Dec 11, 2017

I did it. .I made whole day!:)


Volunteer needed

Posted by ShawnP Champion Dec 11, 2017

We are looking for an individual to post Monday's Freedom Train. Requirements are that you have a one year quit or more, know how to copy/paste and be able to post pics on here. Comment below if you are interested or send me a pm.


SELF ? ! 

Posted by Sandy-9-17-17 Dec 7, 2017

I try to check in here every other day or so, and I may not do much posting, but only because I don't have a whole lot of time anymore!  I am so busy being busy!  


I am going to brag, because I feel like I deserve to.  I am at 81 days now, and I don't experience everything that many of the newbie's do.  I quit on the notion that they found some nodules on one of my lungs, and when CT results came back stating at this point they are classifying them as ground glass nodules, and will re-examine in 9 months to see if there are any changes, I chose to quit and be done for good.  I have made this my permanent quit.  Never again, will I ever have to quit smoking, because SINAO any longer for as long as I live.

I quit using Wellbutrin for 40 days, 150mg once a day.  I chose not to use NRT's because I wanted to defeat Nicotine use all the way.  


I come here every other day or so, and sometimes even every day, just to read and keep up with people, new people, older people, and I feel so blessed that I don't feel the things that many of the newbie's feel.  I don't have withdrawal, I don't experience craving at all, (I even tell myself to always be on guard)  but I'm not really on guard, as I have dealt with some of the most stressful things recently, and in my past stressful moments, I would just break down and smoke.  

Not anymore.  I don't even miss this nasty addiction/habit one bit!  And though I am struggling with getting all my bodily functions back to normal, and it feels like it will never happen,  I've thought to myself...............

"self?          if you just picked up one smoke, just one?  everything would go back to normal!" ( because one would lead to another) 

and then I'd say

"self?  that's the stupidest statement you've ever made!"


"self?   if you ever went back to smoking, you would just continue to shorten your life"   ( and waste even more money on killing yourself )


"self?  how will you look carrying an oxygen tank around, while still trying to smoke?" ( I despise when I see people do this ) 


"self?  how will you get down with your oxygen tank and play and wrestle with the grand kids?"  ( I wouldn't  be able to )


No, I don't talk to myself  often, but if I did, these would be the things I would be saying to myself !   


I feel blessed that I don't have cravings, I wish nobody trying to quit,  had to have them.  I wish nobody suffered irritability, or have to  learn how to cope daily with all the extra time they'll have on their hands because smoking took up so much time!  


I know that I will never go back to smoking, and that one day, my body will learn this new normal that is happening to it, but it WILL just take some time, and I do hope I have a lot of time left now that I am a permanent Happy Quitter!  

Peace to you All My Friends!




Hey y'all

Posted by Fee33 Dec 4, 2017

I've been doing good between my son's choir practice church and husband staying out of jail every other week I've been super busy plus Christmas is coming up an I've been doing some shopping and I haven't even got my Christmas tree up this week it will be my oldest is doing very well the one who's in a military group home he might have a home pass for Christmas I really hope he does. I miss him so much I got their rooms set up met his new probation officer he seems real nice got bunk beds for my other two an johnathan now has my room I just have a busy life I'm trying to keep it all together it's hard at times but I'm doing okay health has improved with stomach issues been on Prevacid it's help d alot I can't go without one everyday I am still 71 days clean from cigarettes not messing up my quit days for nothing or nobody got a new puppy y'all like her name is Milly Mae Cook she's a weenie dog /dashund!!!! Y'all have a great Christmas an New Year I will be back later on love y'all all  


It's Our Anniversary!

Posted by susan.m Dec 4, 2017

A year ago today, I smoked my last cigarette. I chose the date and time to quit, and took a big giant leap of faith and just went for it.


The first few days were tough. I never allowed myself to consider failing, but I did allow myself to acknowledge everything I was thinking and feeling.....therefore, I was a walking, talking cold-turkey puddle of goo. 


I joined Become An Ex on day two of my quit, and immediately immersed myself in the community.


Pati made me laugh at myself and reminded me to stop being so uptight.  Nancy, Ellen and Marilyn were like constant hugs, and I felt their love every day. Terrie was so consistently present, and Mike greeted me every morning with the cheerfulness of the morning sun.  Seriously, you need sunglasses to read his posts...and how cool is that?  Giulia was my cut to the chase get-real reality check, and Dale made me think, really think about the quitting process. Nancy reminded me every Friday to be careful around alcohol, and yet I still wanted to sit down with Crazy Mama Lori and have a beer.  Thomas regularly provided data to reinforce my decision to quit, and Larry made me want to ride a camel.


Oddly, I loved quitting because of them. These were my people; this was my tribe.


I was allowed to openly share what I was thinking, feeling and experiencing, thereby providing me with the creative outlet that I didn't know I'd need.  In turn, you read my blogs, had conversations with me, offered advice when I needed it and a shoulder when I needed that.  You gave me the precious gift of your time. You shared your own personal stories (Ellen and Daniella, just to name a few of you) that kept my perspective in check. I was often humbled and frequently moved by sheer kindness and selflessness exhibited here.


There are many reasons to quit, many ways to quit, and many resources to tap into to support your quit. Many people attribute their quit success to books they've read, NRT aids, hypnosis, etc.  Not me. I used you. You were my therapy.


I thank God for each and every one of you on this site.  While the quit was mine, the journey was bearable and inexplicably enjoyable thanks to you.


Today I join the 6% of my brothers and sisters who have hit the one year mark of being smoke free. I take each of you through that door with me. Thank you for your wisdom, your guidance, your commitment to this community and for everything you've done for me and countless others.


You may not remember the lives you've touched, but I promise that those lives will always remember you. 




3 Months

Posted by diamond01 Dec 1, 2017

Hi everyone, well today is 3 months, and I feel good I know I still have a long path ahead of me so I will just have my good days, and bad, but I will not smoke this is the last time I am going through this, so everyone who is quitting let's do this together because we don't want to every want to do this **** again, and have to start over, so no smoking, your friend Helen. 

We'll most likely have a busy December getting ready for Christmas but please don't let the hustle and bustle of the Season stress you out to the point of (oh surely just one won't hurt) because it will most certainly ruin a perfectly beautiful quit so only Days WON not another Day ONE! I've decided a few years back to embrace the reason for the season and do what I can when I can and go to all the festivities that I'm up to going to but I stopped over EXtending myself to the point of stressing out, things either get done or they don't. Now I enjoy Christmas so much more and since quitting smoking I say that's the best gift that all of us EXers will ever give ourselves which is the gift of LIFE! our Freedom from the clutches of the dreaded nicotine poison is key to our quality of living so let's be Vigilance while we go about our daily lives because S.I.N.A.O. - Smoking Is  Not An Option.  Happy December everyone.

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