Counting smoke free days

Blog Post created by Samsgurl2018 on Nov 12, 2017

So, I go day after day saying "I'm two weeks smoke free!" This has shocked a lot of my family and close friends because no one would ever think I could do it. I still use nrt and I'm down to 14mg patches. I know it's not cold turkey but it's major for me to not pick up those nasty cigarettes anymore. Lately, I've walked past smokers and it smells! I have a co-worker that won't quit and when she comes in from smoking, I think wow, I actually smelled like that everyday. My fingernails are white and I am starting to breathe better. Plus food is starting to taste better. This is like a whole new me and I'm hoping for a healthier me. I actually had my insurance company send me my out of pocket cost for medication this year alone. It cost $384 for me plus around $600 doctor copays. I was like holy sh****!! Smoking cost me that much just this year because most of these cost are from me getting sick with horrible coughs or bronchitis. Talk about a wake up call! I still get these feelings in my chest when I'm laying down at night where it feels tight and it hurts sometimes to breathe in too much. I was told that this might be anxiety from quitting smoking. I go back in a few weeks to get another chest x-ray to see if my lungs are doing better and I can stop using the spiriva inhaler. Has anyone experienced these anxiety feelings? I keep a thicker rubber band on my wrist now because I can just fiddle with it when I do get a craving. I'll say it's not been easy so far and I hope I can stop using the patches but I'm doing what I need to so I will never smoke again! You guys have been an awesome support system for me. I'm day 16 smoke free thanks to you all on here encouraging and motivating me to N.O.P.E!