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Blog Post created by Fee33 on Nov 6, 2017

Been real down a few days now I'm missing my oldest son I haven't heard from him since October 12 then on top of that stomach issues then on top of that my mother was diagnosed RA ritutoid arthritis her hands swell toes fingers she barley can walk she's only 53 and also my scope for a camera to be put down my stomach Wednesday and Thursday my court date to be off probation I'm nervous about everything haven't smoked a damn cigarette that's for sure I don't think about them at all like it's not a issue at all to me my dad came yesterday an brought me a big bag of back strap and deer sausage patties I cooked it last night with some good ole butter biscuits Everyone enjoyed them even "me" I told God this morning I said "God I don't know your plans for me but I'm trusting you anyways" just wanted to say love y'all all if it wasn't for y'all being so stern on me an being there with me through all the rants an raves hahahaha...I'm sure all remember them I don't think I could of got through my craves plus reading a whole lot too 42 DOF whoorahhhh!!!! Thank y'all for taking time to read my blog will keep all updated when I come back Wednesday from my appointment remember they or gonna sedate me so y'all gotta wait til I can be normal enough to speak on here have a great day!!