Day 1

Blog Post created by Mac2222 on Nov 5, 2017

Today is day one of my 7th quit. I had 9 months last time (its been 10 months of smoking since my relapse), 4 months the time before, 3 months the time before, and sometime between 12 days and two months the first few times. I had my last cigarette at 10 am. I am very happy to be trying again. Excited to feel as good as I felt last time. I am so ready and not scared of these first few days and weeks. What I'm so scared about is that I will lose it again. I keep thinking about it. But, I keep trying to focus on today. And how grateful it is that I am not smoking every minute. I already feel a difference in my lungs. I've drank water today! I excercised, went to a play, are good food, and told some people around me. I've never had an active community to talk to about this, but I think I need to. I just found this place. So hi!