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And Hello December! The Christmas Season is a very difficult time for many people for a number of reasons if anyone here has a hard time with the Season or is just having a hard time period and is struggling and considering relapsing Don't do it!  Because you'll regret it big time, instead take a second breathe deep and exhale slowly get on site blog HELP wait a few minutes so we can help you through it don't throw your quit away because your life is literally depending on you to stick with your quit so hang on tight because the only way is through and you can and will get through with N.O.P.E. - Not  One Puff Ever  & Vigilance on a daily basis will give all of us a beautiful life of Freedom but everyone has to get through the rough patches first! Believe it keep stacking up those precious Days WON. 

I find that the months are zooming right on by me way too fast especially this Fall because it's been an extremely mild one and so far Free Of Snow    which is fantastic but even more fabulous for me is the fact that I'm not wasting anymore time sneaking outside in all kinds of weather sucking on a cancer stick, mind you thinking back to my smoking days especially the winters here in Western NB Canada standing outside in temps at times -30 °celcius or -22 °F  freezing my fingers off because it's pretty much impossible wearing gloves while smoking and brrrrr on freezing my butt off as well but no matter what the weather is we all know that Smoking Kills so quitting is the right choice and continuing to Smoke is definetly playing Russian Roulette, if you haven't quit it's time to bite the bullet and take back your life from the clutches of the dreaded nicotine poison. Quitting is absoloutely difficult but very Doable so if you're struggling be sure to hang on tight to the best gift that any of us will ever give ourselves which is the gift of LIFE! Each day we get through is another Day WON & but we must live by N.O.P.E. - Not One Puff Ever & Vigilance  - because S.I.N.A.O. - Smoking Is Not An Option  - if we've been quit awhile  - N.E.F. - Never Ever Forget  - Day WON because none of us Exers want to see another Day ONE ever again so let's keep stacking up those glorious days of Freedom!  as Dale says the only way out is through so take EXtra good care of yourself  and keep them away from your face.



Posted by Anitacandothis62 Nov 28, 2017

well i'm not feeling my best today I would like to get into my truck and go for a long drive. {but it is broken to} I feel very overwhelmed and alone.Everything we need to take care of is threw the VA. and they do not get in any hurry for nothing. He has lost his income and mine is very little, I am so stressed, I just want to cry all by myself, one of the ones where no one is around and you can cry hard until your eyes hurt and your voice gets horse. yep I think that would do me some good as i have yet to break down..........................

Good morning all. I haven't been on the community boards in a few days. I'm still having some breathing problems. I'm  sitting here with one of my cats laying on my left arm (typos will be his fault), sleeping with his head on my chest  and raising his head backward to look up and give me kisses on the chin. It started me thinking about unconditional love. This cat came from a local rescue group as I adopt all my animals except for 2 of my horses, the blind one was adopted. I also like to rescue the 'special needs' animals.

This cat was taken in as a kitten along with his mother and 4 siblings from a feral cat group. After considering that we wanted another cat I looked at the group I had adopted from the last time. I don't usually get kittens. Everybody wants a kitten and they get adopted quickly. I want to give an adult cat that wouldn't be adopted so quickly a home. When I contacted the rescue about 2 adults they had the foster mom kept telling me she had a wonderful kitten she wanted me to see. I told her several times that I was looking for an adult but due to my animal background she really wanted me to come to the adoption event and see this kitten. We went in and I started looking at the two adults I was interested in and she recognized my voice and said hello. The next thing I saw was this little, black fuzzball being carried over. I asked her for the details on him She told me that someone had found the feral mama and babies and they called the rescue. They caught them all and their condition was fair at best. Mama cat was emaciated and the kittens weren't getting enough food because of it. The rescue group got them all back into health and with unconditional love they flourished. The one I have had really taken to me immediately and would go to any one of us even at the adoption event. Needless to say he came home with us that day. Since then he's grown into a beautiful, fat cat. He still romps and plays like a kitten and has a knack for getting into trouble! His nickname is 'mischief'. He has taken to me especially because less than 6 months after we adopted him I had knee surgery that kept me sitting in a recliner 24/7 unless I was doing PT. We have a bond of mutual unconditional love. 

We all need that kind of unconditional love to rescue us when we need it. We may get that in many ways and from many people. Our spouses, immediate and extended families, even our pets should provide that kind of caring and we should reciprocate that unconditional love.  Here's the hard part. We should also love ourselves unconditionally. I don't mean by selfishness, but by taking a long look inside ourselves and find the qualities that others see in us. Our willingness to try things even if we don't succeed, the love in our hearts, our caring of others when we listen to them, our time doing something voluntarily or giving of donations, even just a smile, wave, or a "hello" at people we see out and about.  Believe it or not all those actions are done by the unconditional love in our hearts. 

So now that we've recognized the fact that we do give and hopefully receive that kind of love, where would you put cigarettes on the list? Are you on their list? I don't think so. Will that cigarette give you words of consolation? How about wisdom? How about when we're lying in bed dying? That smoke will stay with you until it kills you. That's not love in my book. I loved them for 35 years but did they love me back? NO and they never will. My prayer for today is this:


   Heavenly Father, I thank you for giving me another day to live and worship you. As a child created by you I claim my unconditional love to the holy trinity with pure heart and mind. I pray that I may spread that same unconditional love that you have for me to everyone I have contact with. I will pray in your name for any others looking for everlasting love, especially for those who need to find love in themselves to move away from the evils of this world. Take away their bond of smoking so they may see you clearly and walk away from the lie that is telling them that the cigarettes love them. Help them to seek out real unconditional love for themselves so that they can begin to rebuild the temple that is their body. You are the strength that builds up and the light that removes us from the cloud of smoking. Thank you for your gift of removing me from the haze and ask that you shine your light on others who want to be free of the darkness of smoking.  In the name of our savior, Jesus Christ I pray. Amen  


Today I will offer my unconditional love and support to anyone here anyone that needs it and to everyone I meet! Have a fantastic, loving day my friends!



29 DOF

highly edited.

Begin by making little changes.

      If you do this, it may help form your decision and may even spur you on to quit.  It might also help you know whether you will be successful or not before you even quit. (I discovered you can make quitting like a game with/between yourself.)

      How and why can this work you ask? Because seeing new symbols of quitting daily will either stir your thinking or make you turn away.

So here are a couple ideas:

      Put an extra key on your key ring. Make it something that stands out so you'll be reminded of the changes to come every time you see it.

      Get that key tomorrow. Stop at a key shop and have it made for your front door so you see it often or, for something else you open often. If you don't use keys, you could write something on the glass you use or a coffee mug. You can use nail polish if you don't have any access to paint.

This can be your reminder for as long as you need it.

Here's Another:

      Hang something you can't miss noticing from your rear view mirror (if you still drive as a reminder of things upcoming and your freedom.


You Can Be So Far Ahead (Before You Even Quit)

If You Change Your Thinking And Get Out Of Your Smoking Zone

  Planting These Tiny Reminders Before You Quit Will Only Help.

      When I was growing up, the general consensus was, smoking was a "bad habit."   People in the know realize it's actually 2 addictions, the physical and the psychological.

      I believe we are creatures of our memories which continually form our routines.

      Once we try something new that provides a positive outcome for our dopamine receptors it is incorporated into our routine. It may be a sport such as tennis or golf or beach volleyball, or music or crafting, or, helping others. It can be frequent or infrequent  We do things that make us feel good.


      As we take on responsibilities such as a job and later a family, our priorities change, but, we still look for islands of pleasure.


      We made smoking those islands of pleasure with its dopamine release. A 5 minute break for a chemical lift.

      I was in a position of smoking whenever I wanted because I was self employed. People who had regular jobs were somewhat restricted to normal break times. I don't know if those people had withdrawal symptoms waiting for their break to come but I imagine some of them did.


      Our lives revolved around those breaks. The thought of smoking was always floating around in the back of our minds, pack in pocket or purse, lighter at the ready. Even after we had families, we managed to slip away to smoke. Rain or shine, sleet or hail, the need to smoke, never failed.


      And then it did.

      All I had to do was decide, the same as you.

      Once you aren't connected by the nicotine, it's much easier to see your way clear.


After you learn, the light bulb will burn.



Not even close

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Nov 25, 2017

I remember I smoke so much nicotine that I thought I will not smoke anymore.... I did smoke more and continued for 38 years.... only by Gods grace I will not use nicotine to cope with feelings and God willing so I have escaped any thoughts that have tried to lead ME to pig out on food to stop these feeling I learn to breathe through The with releasing my breathe to the count of four with puckered lips .... I love my beloved Thomas for blogging the breathing life style it helps me NOT commit gluttony just cause I hate remember my childhood cause I ran into a person or remember a place situation or heard a sing that brought an ugly scene as a child back in full force I say today's date my age and pray to learn this breathing instead of letting the old life rule me! Finally I am free from the bondage of SELF in Jesus name amen Please take what helps and let go of the rest thanks for your time.

Note - The following blog is meant to inspire and will have uplifting thoughts (hopefully), inspirations and Christian prayers (simply because I am Christian). I TRULY believe that every faith, religion, creed, and culture have their own deity(s) or higher power(s) that they turn to for guidance. Even non-believers or 'semi'-believers have someone or something they look to for positive help. Please feel free to read this blog and replace the prayers for your own or skip over them completely. I hope I can lift some spirits and provide a loving hand along this journey to be an EX forever.


Today is "Black Friday" and marks the beginning of the Christmas season. It is called this because it is the day that retailers hope to make enough money from shoppers to get out of the 'red' negative profits and into the 'black' of the accounting ledger of positive profits. Shoppers pour through the doors of every business and the internet is bottle-necked from the amount of shoppers online. Things can get ugly out there but for the most part people are in a better mood as they focus not on themselves but others.  It's a time where hope is renewed and attitudes are  brighter. This season also brings stress and we just want to go back to our former way of dealing with all the extra work to bring about a great Christmas day. It's also a time that many of us will want to or will slip or go back to smoking to get through. This year during the holidays we need to remember that it was our 'old' way to cope but now we need to find the new way to overcome our desire to go back to smoking. It can be tough but we must regard the old way as clouded in the lies we've used for so many years that smoking will help. We must remember that we are seeing the light of day as the smoke lifts and changes our perspective for the better. We must leave our old ways and don the new way with mindfulness that it is the best way, the right way of living.


 The book of Ephesians 4:20 says "...when you heard about Christ and were taught in him in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus. 22 You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires;23 to be made new in the attitude of your minds; 24 and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness."


My prayer for this Black Friday is this: "Heavenly Father, as we begin the celebration of the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, I pray that we will not only put off our old ways of the desire to smoke and bring about the realization that we are creating our new selves. I pray that we see the lies of our former lives where we thought what we were doing was O.K. and remember that we are new in mind and body. We must wear the new attitude each day and keep the realizations that this is the right way, the clean way to think and live so that the new selves we are putting on remain with us as if it puts us on the black side of the register instead of the red line of negative profits. Thank you for your love and the teachings that are bringing us new positive attitudes and living new lives. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I pray. Amen."


Have a wonderful day relishing in the fact that your new attitude about yourselves will continue to grow as long as you remember that your old selves were clouded by a selfish desire to light up.


Julie    26 DOF

Note - The following blog is meant to inspire and will have uplifting thoughts (hopefully), inspirations and Christian prayers (simply because I am Christian). I TRULY believe that every faith, religion, creed, and culture have their own deity(s) or higher power(s) that they turn to for guidance. Even non-believers or 'semi'-believers have someone or something they look to for positive help. Please feel free to read this blog and replace the prayers for your own or skip over them completely.  I hope I can lift some spirits and provide a loving hand along this journey to be an EX forever.


  The Thanksgiving feast is over and the kitchen is cleaned up. It wasn't much of what I considered Thanksgiving dinner, even though the food came out excellent if I do say so myself. As a kid Thanksgiving was a much different celebration. We had the grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and girlfriends/boyfriends or friends of the family join us. We would go to my aunt and uncle's house every other year and Christmas was the same, at least until my older siblings were married and we would congregate at one of their houses. It was truly a time to give thanks for what we had, enjoy the time we spent together, have real conversations, well at least the adults did, laugh, and play while the guys congregated around the TV watching football after dinner and dessert. After my husband and I were married we moved 700 miles away to his duty station in Virginia so we couldn't be with my family. My husband's family was spread out in different states after his parents divorced right before our wedding. After a while his mom and brother moved to where we lived and when we left VA for a different state they followed within a year. When my mother-in-law was alive she would come join us until she became a true alcoholic and hid at home. My brother-in-law was invited every year and he said he'd be here but never showed up. He would sit at home alone as he really didn't want to come in the first place. My mother-in-law and brother-in-law hated holidays. Thanksgiving was bad enough in their eyes and they despised Christmas. I tried, lord knows I tried, every year to have them be a part of the family but they didn't want to so I didn't push it. My mother-in-law was the worst at Christmas. She didn't want to come partly because she thought if she didn't bring the 'right' thing as a present someone would be upset so in her words she "couldn't bother with it". No matter how many times we told her she did not need to do anything but show up she never did. I would buy the kids something and put her name on it so she didn't have to bother and I did just that but to no avail. She would rather sit alone in her bedroom smoking and drinking herself into a coma. 

  This Thanksgiving at dinner the conversation was about video games, net-neutrality, remenics old cartoon network shows, and bad puns. I couldn't get a thought, let alone a word, in to move the conversation to something I had any interest in. I ended up not saying a word. I was mad. I hardly get to talk to my husband to begin with so something more  intelligent or that one that I could at least comment on. I was hurt, sitting there silent and eating the food I had prepared all day. In 20 minutes the boys had scarfed down dinner and got up to get the table cleared off. I was finishing my dinner and my husband was nearly done but still eating. Mind you, the boys did clean up the table and loaded the dishwasher as they were told this morning. I usually have to get up from the table fairly quickly because of my stomach. I sat with him as long as he allowed and let the guys finish getting the kitchen done. I wanted to throttle my children but I would be arrested for assault since they're both over 18. A couple hours later it dawned on me. I shouldn't be mad, I should be glad and grateful that we are together every day and as they were laughing and joking having fun I could've tried to join the conversation  because I knew everything they talked about but I just hadn't tried to so I gave up.  

  In that moment I knew just how much the conversation 'incident' compared to stopping smoking. I got mad because I wanted to be involved, I couldn't. I was hurt because I felt like I couldn't break into the mix. So I gave up trying. It was easier to just sit there. How many times have you done this same thing with cigarettes? You really wanted that smoke but knew you couldn't. Being hurt because that smoke eluded you so you feel abandoned and alone. Then you just give up trying. It's easier to sit quiet, and smoke, than to try too hard when you're destined to fail. 

   Today I am thankful for just having the day to enjoy. I am alive, I can breathe on my own with no sign of Copd or lung cancer following a CT scan last week. I'm so glad I didn't give in when I wanted to just give up and light up. I'm happy that for once I took the hard road and that it's working! I'm still walking on the road, which can be a little jagged at times but I've gotten this far and I can see slightly smooth pavement ahead. It's a long way there but I can see it. Going back is not what I want to do. I don't really want to have to go over the jagged rocks so I keep walking forward. I'm so thankful I want to spend the rest of my life as an EX, free from the addiction and breathing easy!



25 thankful days



Posted by Stac2 Nov 23, 2017

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the best most special family a woman could ever ask for.  I wish each and every one of you a Thanksgiving filled with blessings and an abundance of joy.  Let us be grateful for our freedom!  Thanks to one another we can be free from addiction.  Thank you all for helping me find my way to freedom.  It is so amazing not to be beholden to sickorettes! And thank you for always being there for me with prayer, support, and love.  I am so grateful for you all.  


Big Thanksgiving Hugs From Texas!

Gobble gobble!



~Happy Thanksgiving~


Eight years

Posted by done Nov 22, 2017

Not on here much anymore but eight great years today ...DONE

new at this

Posted by Madmax77 Nov 21, 2017

Good morning my quit date is 12/14/2017 but everyday till then I want to cut down I only smoke about 4 or 5 a day so by my quit date I want to be down to one if not just done with them so thanks for letting me get this out

Quitting smoking is the best gift that any of us will ever give ourselves and all of  Exers had to start at Day One which gave us a Day WON and we kept stacking them up to get to that good place in our quits with N.O.P.E. and VIGILANCE we'll continue to live a smokefree life , quitting smoking is a journey and it's one that we all have to make at some point in our lives but  it's wise to quit on our terms than to have a Doctor tell us that sorry but you waited too long to quit smoking there's nothing we can do for you other than to try and keep you comfortable , our lives are worth so much more to us because our health, family and friends needs us to quit and to protect it with our lives so embrace the quit and know that each day you get through is another Day WON and it will get easier each day but it's going to take time but boy oh boy it is so worth it to be Free so hang on tight! 


Random thoughts

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Nov 17, 2017

Hello all,


I’ve had a few unscheduled days off and as such have been hanging around here for a bit. After being away for a while, there's one thing that always hits me every time I come back and that is the incredible determination that is felt here.


It’s such a process to quit smoking. First, we have to grapple with the fear of quitting before we can even get started. Then after that comes the preparation time, a time filled with discovery and emotions that we never really knew we had.


And then on that first day, we discover the determination we’ve developed even as we wonder if it will be enough to help us through. I know my mind was a whirlwind the first days of my quit. I didn’t notice it at first, but I suddenly realized that I was conversing with myself. That there was a constant argument going on in my mind about what I was doing. If I really wanted to be doing it. That maybe just one puff will help me through.


The addict within was strong within my being at first. I saw it as one I could direct my unfocused anger toward. As a thing that I knew I would eventually have to train and that just like any screaming child, it takes time and patience to calm it.


Slowly, day by day I pulled the tentacles of addiction from my being. It was almost imperceptible at first but as I pulled more and more of them out I began to look ahead to a time when I would be once again in charge of my own life, rather than letting a deadly plant dictate to me what my life will be like. How my time would be spent, and how I would plan my day.


And ever so slowly, the freedom comes more into focus. As the internal argument begins to subside, and the cloud of addiction is lifted from our minds we actually have time to focus on all of the positive things we’re doing. Our minds slowly begin to see a glimmer of hope that what started as a nail biting and downright scary experience is becoming something wonderful and amazing!


We begin to believe that we’re actually going to see the other side of this horribly trying time. We begin to believe that there actually IS an end to this seemingly endless ordeal. When that happened to me, I grasped that glimmer and watched it turn into a fantastic quit!


Quitting is like a transformation from being enslaved to learning there’s something better. Freedom never comes easy but it’s always worth fighting for. Never give up on yourself and soon your world will be transformed into one of health, and freedom and a kind of pride that can only come from one who knows slavery and not only chooses, but fights for freedom rather than accepting the alternative!






Checking In

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Nov 15, 2017

Hey all!!


Been a while once again. Kind of went from the frying pan into the fire as far as work goes. Might of accepted just a little too many jobs at once. Thankfully, looking forward to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel which is getting closer every day. Have to take the work when it comes I guess, when self employed.


But the main thing is that I’m still enjoying the wonderful freedom that I fought so hard for over six years ago. I love freedom. There’s just nothing better than waking up in the morning and thinking of my coffee rather than a cigarette.


But it sure didn’t happen overnight! I fought as hard as many of you are fighting now. I wondered if  the cravings would ever end. But I was determined to change my life once and for all!


And I remember every moment of that quit and I do that for a reason. You see, I use all of the discomforts I felt in the past to be a constant reminder to me that I will never go through that again! It reinforces what is already there.


And I take a moment each day to remember those days of addiction. To take stock of how wonderful my new life of freedom really is and to appreciate that I found it somewhere within myself to find that freedom! To long for that freedom so much that I was able to cast aside a monumental addiction.


When there’s something in our lives that we want to achieve, it doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes we have to fight. Sometimes we have to change our perspective. Sometimes we have to look for that little glimmer and grab hold of that glimmer until it becomes the blinding light of freedom!


Sure, it’s hard at first and at times so strange. This is because when we choose to quit smoking, we choose to change our lives. We choose to take away something we felt was a warm, fuzzy security blanket. A thing that we felt helped us to function and deal with stress. A thing that was the number one most important thing in our lives.


These are the lies of addiction. We create these lies in order to understand why we enjoy harming ourselves. We create these lies to help us to remain addicted and we completely convince ourselves that what we’re doing is the only way to remain happy. To remain calm. To remain the person that we’ve told ourselves that we are.


But we can find our way through the cloud of addiction to the other side where our freedom lies. We can choose life over a slow, agonizing death. We can forgive ourselves for what we’ve already done and choose a new life that is nothing short of incredible!


So if you’re just starting out with the idea of quitting, use this place to strengthen that idea. If you’ve already quit and the endless argument with yourself has begun, remember that there is a future just over the horizon that’s so wonderful; so free!!


Look to the future you’re creating right now and always remember that what you do today will determine what your future looks like tomorrow.





Lets be EXtra Vigilant and continue to stick with N.O.P.E. - Not One Puff Ever - because our quits must be our  # 1 priority whether we're on Day Won or day 100 or day 1,000 or 10,000, we must not  become lazy and complacent because S.I.N.A.O. - Smoking Is Not An Option. Our lives literally need us to quit smoking and stick to it so we can be around a few more years and hopefully enjoy a much better quality of living and it is completely up to us to remain Smoke Free.

I think the change of seasons got me pushing Vigilance this morning because this Fall here in NB has been overly amazingly warm up until a few  days ago now it is brrrrrr and the snow is coming with freezing rain so I'll  - N.E.F. - Never Ever Forget  - my Day ONE but i'll treasure each and every Day WON every evening and I want that for all of us here in this community because that's why we are all here to help each other quit and stay quit and if you are new here please believe me when I say Quitting Smoking is Doable and so very worth it to be Free......

Life has so much more meaning since quitting smoking because having the Freedom to go anywhere, anytime, whenever, wherever or however without wondering where to sneak off to suck on a disgusting cancer stick is a wonderful feeling and it's awesome not to be a slave anymore to that nicotine poison. We all had to start at Day One so we could get through Day WON and keep plowing forward and stacking up each precious smoke free day! It takes time to get through the rough patches and into that good place in our quits but it is so worth it when you hit that AHA Moment of pure happiness but you must stick with N.O.P.E - the only way out is through but boy oh boy it is so worth it to be Free! Is quitting smoking easy? HELL NO! but is it worth it? HELL YES!

N.O.P.E.- along with Vigilance is key to a life of Freedom because S.I.N.A.O - smoking Is Not An Option, quitting smoking is absolutely difficult but if you stop and think about how long you smoked then you realize that it only stands to reason that it's bound to take some time to get through the roller coaster ups and downs of  mood swings and then you need to relearn life without the crutch of smoking but it''s definetly Doable and it sure is worth it so believe in yourself and keep stacking up your glorious Days WON.

Counting smoke free days

Posted by Samsgurl2018 Nov 12, 2017

So, I go day after day saying "I'm two weeks smoke free!" This has shocked a lot of my family and close friends because no one would ever think I could do it. I still use nrt and I'm down to 14mg patches. I know it's not cold turkey but it's major for me to not pick up those nasty cigarettes anymore. Lately, I've walked past smokers and it smells! I have a co-worker that won't quit and when she comes in from smoking, I think wow, I actually smelled like that everyday. My fingernails are white and I am starting to breathe better. Plus food is starting to taste better. This is like a whole new me and I'm hoping for a healthier me. I actually had my insurance company send me my out of pocket cost for medication this year alone. It cost $384 for me plus around $600 doctor copays. I was like holy sh****!! Smoking cost me that much just this year because most of these cost are from me getting sick with horrible coughs or bronchitis. Talk about a wake up call! I still get these feelings in my chest when I'm laying down at night where it feels tight and it hurts sometimes to breathe in too much. I was told that this might be anxiety from quitting smoking. I go back in a few weeks to get another chest x-ray to see if my lungs are doing better and I can stop using the spiriva inhaler. Has anyone experienced these anxiety feelings? I keep a thicker rubber band on my wrist now because I can just fiddle with it when I do get a craving. I'll say it's not been easy so far and I hope I can stop using the patches but I'm doing what I need to so I will never smoke again! You guys have been an awesome support system for me. I'm day 16 smoke free thanks to you all on here encouraging and motivating me to N.O.P.E!

Life is going to happen whether we smoke so when I was in the early wks of my quit, actually it was right around my 30 day mark, this BS is the one that I really remember because I was talking to my younger sister that asked me a question so I started to answer and she started yelling at me so I hung up on her and threw my cordless phone across the room but thankfully it did'nt break and as badly as I wanted a cigarette I wasn't about to relapse so I came here and blogged about it and was helped through it. We are in charge of our quits not the people & the circumstances around because we have a choice whether to blow up our quits or to stand tall and plow through and believe it or not life really does get easier and easier with time under our belts which makes our lives, so much better so hang on tight, stick with N.O.P.E. & Vigilance because S.I.N.A.O. so H.A.L.T. -  Keep stacking those Days WON......Believe in yourself! 


Hi everyone

Posted by Eric_L. Nov 9, 2017

If I can quit you can quit.  I didn't even realize it had been this many days.  Seems stressful to dwell on it. If this computer is still working, it can't really have been that long.

Anyhow, life is good.  The dinosaur is still a sesame street loving force of cuteness.

I'm taking my dad to see dead & co in Columbus two days after thanksgiving.

The wife and I disagree about money.

Smoking dumb.  Got it.

Have I felt like smoking here and there... Yea.  Sesame street says feelings change all the time!


Day 3

Posted by HoytGirl Nov 8, 2017

Here I am, doing quitting. Playing on the site on my phone keeping two hands busy. Tried to quit Sept 12th made it 8 or 9 days but made mistakes. Trying it again. Threw out all butts. No excuses to get more smokes. I know now the patches are ok for me in the morning but just 7mg. Stupid vivid dreams on them but they do help. Until they dont.. Pop a lozenge if it doesnt go away. I know what to expect this time.

 Nice community. I dont know what to really say or where to post but, Hello to You, I like to read your posts.

Just Me

Posted by Fee33 Nov 6, 2017

Been real down a few days now I'm missing my oldest son I haven't heard from him since October 12 then on top of that stomach issues then on top of that my mother was diagnosed RA ritutoid arthritis her hands swell toes fingers she barley can walk she's only 53 and also my scope for a camera to be put down my stomach Wednesday and Thursday my court date to be off probation I'm nervous about everything haven't smoked a damn cigarette that's for sure I don't think about them at all like it's not a issue at all to me my dad came yesterday an brought me a big bag of back strap and deer sausage patties I cooked it last night with some good ole butter biscuits Everyone enjoyed them even "me" I told God this morning I said "God I don't know your plans for me but I'm trusting you anyways" just wanted to say love y'all all if it wasn't for y'all being so stern on me an being there with me through all the rants an raves hahahaha...I'm sure all remember them I don't think I could of got through my craves plus reading a whole lot too 42 DOF whoorahhhh!!!! Thank y'all for taking time to read my blog will keep all updated when I come back Wednesday from my appointment remember they or gonna sedate me so y'all gotta wait til I can be normal enough to speak on here have a great day!! 

Day 1

Posted by Mac2222 Nov 5, 2017

Today is day one of my 7th quit. I had 9 months last time (its been 10 months of smoking since my relapse), 4 months the time before, 3 months the time before, and sometime between 12 days and two months the first few times. I had my last cigarette at 10 am. I am very happy to be trying again. Excited to feel as good as I felt last time. I am so ready and not scared of these first few days and weeks. What I'm so scared about is that I will lose it again. I keep thinking about it. But, I keep trying to focus on today. And how grateful it is that I am not smoking every minute. I already feel a difference in my lungs. I've drank water today! I excercised, went to a play, are good food, and told some people around me. I've never had an active community to talk to about this, but I think I need to. I just found this place. So hi!


Update on Tommy 11/1

Posted by Stac2 Nov 1, 2017

Tommy is being released from the hospital this afternoon.  He is in a lot of pain.  He will consult with a neurosurgeon regarding the herniated disc in his neck after being released from the hospital to determine the best course of action.  For now, prayers that the pain will go away and that an easy path to correction is revealed are greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much ex fam!




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