Good morning Friends!

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Oct 31, 2017

I love that I have gained all these new friends here on the site!  It's like I have this secret life that really isn't secret

at all.

I just want to take a minute and thank each and every single one of you who are here and offer your support to all who

come here daily!  

I am doing very well in my quit, as you all may know!  I couldn't feel more confident that "I WILL NEVER PICK UP A

CIGARETTE EVER AGAIN" !!!  This quit is very powerful, and I am so in control of it!  I do not care that I have gained

weight, I know that will taper off eventually, especially now that I have joined a gym. 

Yesterday was my 56th birthday along with my  youngest child, who turned 21!  We celebrated last night, and not once

did I ever think about wanting to smoke while we celebrated with food and drinks! 

I had one of the nicest birthday's ever.  From daughter in law and grand daughter visiting me with flowers and a yummy chocolate brownie, to my honey bringing me some beautiful roses, (  Sad that I had left the office at lunch and wasn't there when he came to deliver them), my wonderful boss lady, who bought me Alex & Ani bracelets, because she too is proud of my accomplishment of quitting, then to dinner out with my birthday partner and 2 of my daughters and my honey!  I missed the two oldest being there, but they do have families to care for and children to get off to bed early.

All in all my friends, I am thankful, grateful and just plain happy!!!  Life is good, and will only continue to get better!  And I have to throw a quick spot of religion in here ( I don't really belong to any one religion ) But I have the good Lord on my side, walking along beside me daily !  How can I not be thankful! 


Much love to you all, and I hope you all are doing well, and wish you a fabulous smoke free day! 


Sandy 44 Wonderful DOF