Trip to the Hospital on Friday Night!

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Oct 28, 2017

Well I started coming down with a UTI on Thursday night, and got right into the doc on Friday morning.  

I have allergies to Antibiotics that started within the last couple of years, so they are always trying to find the 

right one to prescribe for my issues if they arise.  

Well Keflex is now added to the list of don'ts ..... I took my first one last night, and it did not start up right away, I had 

drifted off to sleep and when I got up to brush my teeth, it began.  My hands and feet started itching, and by the time I

got to bed, I was scratching at both....immediately I got a benadryl down, thought it was helping as I started drifting

off to sleep, but as soon as I rolled over to my other side, it went crazy!  My whole body started itching.  Fingers swelling, lips feeling fat, but I'm still breathing normally.  I got up and drove myself to the ER and on the way, it felt 

as though my ears were swelling on the inside.....never felt that one before.  By the time I arrived, it felt like it 

took forever for me to get from my car to the inside of the ER.

They didn't hesitate to get me into a room at the site of me, I was completely red and shaking.....

Started an I.V. line to inject benadryl and steroids as soon as I hit the bed.  When they asked me if I smoked, I 

proudly said I quit 40 days ago !  They high fived me!  What a great feeling that was.  Took about an hour, and they 

had me back out the door heading home.  

I told my man, that next time, if it happens again, I will not be able to drive, as every episode is worse than the last.  

Well last night's episode was pretty traumatic for me, and scary, and I was breaking all the speeding laws to get to 

the hospital that is not very far from where I live.  They let me drive home, because I told them I could.  And I did!  

What a fun Friday night!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend of Freedom!