White Powder Substance

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 27, 2017

Don't like this new powder laxative it literally is draining me I feel like depressed Because I can't stop using the bathroom I can't wait til I get the scope done so I can get back to normal again I hate this so much and my husband has to go spend 2 days actually tomorrow night in jail for two days his PO found out he was drinking on his bday but he wouldn't admit it and they gave him two days in jail well drugcourt did so there you go! Today has been tiring an I don't feel like doing anything today but I have two bright shiney faces who depend on my smile an depend on my good Southern food I go to stop feeling sorry for myself woman up and do what I suppose to do. It said on my app 33 days of Freedom but I quit the 24 of September 2017 can y'all tell me how many days I've been clean from cancer sticks??