My Gi Appointment Nerves Bad

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 26, 2017

This morning is my Gi Appointment leaving by 9:30am doctor appointment at 11:45 so I am up this morning has been so interesting it's so much going on since yesterday situation but I really hope I don't get any bad news today at all I am ready to just get better get back in church bc I've been missing church due to be on a laxative everyday lactulose is what my doctor put me on anyways I hope it's nothing to serious just asking everyone to keep me in yall prayers Tuesday night I decided to marry Chris we both been going to meetings together I'm supporting him more and when he has a meeting I go everytime no call on jobs yet also trying to see about working at Walmart filled app out an everything doing over night stocking it's laid back hopefully someone calls me. Y'all all have a blessed Thursday 30 DOF Felicia aka Fee