Blog Post created by Live4thedash on Oct 25, 2017

Thanks for the shout out the other day Thomas!


lefe throws you ups and downs and you can enjoy the ride without those nasty butts!  I’m living proof. Lovely Mrs and I are full time Rvers now and traveling around (I work from home) blown tires? No reason to light up!  Last year I had a mini optic nerve stroke in my left eye. I can’t see out of it any more im down to one eye!!! But no reason to light up! Maybe a shot of Tequila but without the butt! Hehehe!   

NOPE and NEF my friends! After 30 years I’ve been smoke free for almost 8 years (in February)!!


until next time stay smoke free! Me and my wife are in Nashville for the week in our LUVSHAK. Can you say honky think and drinking without a smoke?   I can!  Yeee Haawww!