Newly Improved Cravings

Blog Post created by Sandy-9-17-17 on Oct 24, 2017

I can't really say that I am craving cigarettes, or smoking at all, but I am craving foods......

Ice cream, Chips, all the things that I shouldn't have but maybe once in a while, but here 

I am ...... craving food all times of the day!  

I am seriously going to blow up!  Oh wait.....I already have!   I am trying real hard to stop

putting food in my hands that goes to my mouth.  Is it really just that hand to mouth motion

that I am experiencing?  Or is it that food just tastes so much better?  

I really am not craving smoking though!  I am on guard for it to happen, but it just really isn't 

happening!  Feeling pretty grateful!  Feeling sad for those who are struggling!  

All I can say, is keep up the fight, keep working hard, because I have not felt this good in 

a long time and I love it!  

Eating is all time better than smoking!  


Sandy 37 DOF