You got to want to quit

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 19, 2017

When I say this I'm meaning this if you don't wanna quit smoking cigarettes you want I realized something about myself yesterday all the nicotine out my system now I think it wasn't the nicotine I missed it was something to put in my mouth an between my fingers was something I was addicted to most of all bc when I think about smoking my stomach burns an I'm like saying NOPE NOPE I mean over an over again and then I ask myself felicia you been 24 DOF WO SMOKING why would you wanna mess that up you came so far an y'all know what I don't want a cigarette anymore like it instantly leaves my mind so fast! So my blog today is this when I quit smoking cigarettes it's because I wanted to quit smoking not because I had too I wanted this more then anything an I prayed about it and then just did it an today an may not seem alot to y'all that I have 24 days of Freedom of nasty cigaretts but it means so much to me I seen elders an their DOF an I'm like wow I so wanna be there to!!! So everyday without a cigarette is how I'm continue my journey of becoming smoke free for life. Thanks for taking your time out to read my blog xoxo Fee