Can I say Impressed!!!

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 19, 2017

So I'm chewing minty gum usually this makes me wanna smoke a cigarette uh no craves to at all I'm like thinking to myself your mind is your worst enemy like seriously I always had a piece of gum in my mouth when I smoked bc my husband would say your breath smells like a ashtray I'm like what!!!!!! He's like seriously babe well since I've stopped smoking even smelling it makes me nauseated and then im wanting to tell them hey y'all don't know it but those cigarettes stink an you don't realize it til you stop smoking like yes your clothes really stink your breath Everything just stop for a few days an you will regret ever smoking js....but then I'm like I might offend them by just going up randomly saying those things lol just imagine me telling strangers hey those things stink hahahahaha....that would be bad lol but yes I can chew a piece of minty gum and it doesn't trigger me to smoke at all I'm so impressed an feel all giddy inside lol thanks for reading my blog! Xoxo Felicia