Oh Nooooo

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 8, 2017

So my sisterlaw came over yesterday stayed till 7pm she's a smoker well shes like Felicia wanna come outside well I've been quit smoking for almost two weeks and I was like she's family let's just test the waters so she was smoking and it didn't bother me like as in wanting to smoke too I was like so proud of myself an she even mention I need to stop smoking these cigarettes r high I said yup I'm glad I quit but the kicker is this I guess smelling all that smoke got me sick my throat is so scratchy an it's like agravating scratchy throat I never Harley get sick but I just checked my son's temp my baby cj temp he's my 9 year old his temp is 99.7 he's running low grade fever so yes I got some sick little boys an Jeron was sick when I got him with a stopped up nose but he's getting better now I'm sick but I don't drink r eat anything after cj r my other son jeron either its my time to get sick I guess r the smoke what y'all think might be??? Any comments accepted