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Oh Nooooo

Posted by Fee33 Oct 8, 2017

So my sisterlaw came over yesterday stayed till 7pm she's a smoker well shes like Felicia wanna come outside well I've been quit smoking for almost two weeks and I was like she's family let's just test the waters so she was smoking and it didn't bother me like as in wanting to smoke too I was like so proud of myself an she even mention I need to stop smoking these cigarettes r high I said yup I'm glad I quit but the kicker is this I guess smelling all that smoke got me sick my throat is so scratchy an it's like agravating scratchy throat I never Harley get sick but I just checked my son's temp my baby cj temp he's my 9 year old his temp is 99.7 he's running low grade fever so yes I got some sick little boys an Jeron was sick when I got him with a stopped up nose but he's getting better now I'm sick but I don't drink r eat anything after cj r my other son jeron either its my time to get sick I guess r the smoke what y'all think might be??? Any comments accepted


Well here is Sunday

Posted by Fee33 Oct 8, 2017

Getting ready for church with my family Jeron is here  he's been here since Friday and he's just so happy to be here on 14 DOF well all I'm doing good I want be on here as much but I will check in from time to time an let y'all all know how I'm doing being smoke free have a blessed Sunday Everyone


My Weekend

Posted by Sandy-9-17-17 Oct 7, 2017

I got to go out to a hockey game on Friday night with family, and I got to have a few beers, and a couple 

of hot dogs, and it felt so great to not have the want or need to have to have a fix at any time during the 


On another note, I did have to suffer walking behind some people who were smoking before they went 

in to the arena, and I kept thinking, YUCK!  That is what I must have smelled like to others as they walked

behind me!  

My nose is working so good, I need a clothespin!  LOL!  

Three weeks ago today, I smoked my last cigarette in the early afternoon, and tomorrow starts 

week 4 in my quit.  I am so excited that I am coming up on being able to say 1 month of Freedom from 

a very long bad habit!  I'm winning this fight and will continue to just enjoy my Freedom one day at a time!  


Peace to all of my Fellow Ex Buddies!  






21 DOH

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