Worrying about Everything

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 3, 2017

Yes I'm worrying about everything I got a wedding I'm planning waiting on my new debit card to come in mail box so all my money can transfer on there the old one is void til I get my new one and I feel like I'm cry why because the dress I wanted is out of stock in my size I ha e gain weight man I'm weighing like 150 and my wedding on the 20th like seriously I got change my.dress now an yes yes yes I do want to smoke now but Im soooo not!! Don't worry I'm not there's a difference in wanting too and just wanting too I want too not meaning I am it's a want an I knowwww please dont lecture me I know they want help or solve anything I KNOW!!!! just really really worried now the place I'm ordering my dress is modest I am a pentcostal that's my religion but I don't call it a religion it's having a relationship with God anyways...I have to change my dress now it's gotta be cream too bc my husband suit is black n cream an my bridesmaid just have one an maid of honor just one they also wearing cream dresses why bc my dress was cream I was getting   im so broken hearted I called to see when they would be in stock for my size she said she don't know. Smoking sounds pretty good.to.me an then I call my husband he's like chill babe take a chill pill I said I'ma about to smoke a big ole.nasty cigarette he said yup A NASTY STINKING CIGARETTE when you been 9 days wo them don't do it babe I said I'm not OK!!! AND TBH I AM NOT EVEN CRAVING ONE AT ALL TO MUCH STRESS ALL THe food I eat behind not smoking so sad wowww!!!