My oldest son

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 2, 2017

Oh man I am furious right now so I'm ranting an raving again soo he's in a military group home been there since September 6th he moves up on ranking well he's still in 1 the white card is the lowest you can be after a month there he's still hasn't moved up at all why because he want s to run the show an he can't run anything there at all and so the probation officer an couciler was on the phone with him and me telling me about his progress I could choke him why because he's not working the program at all he has mental issues anyways not getting into that well his probation officer said if he doesn't straighten up he's being sent to a detention center plain an simple he start talking back at him I'm like omg really son he's like he's not.my boss remember he's on 13 October 13 he will 14 he doesn't have any respect for anyone I got so upset he started being smart with me I was like man I just wanna smoke a damn cigarette then I was like NOPE I told y'all whoever is following me I said when I wanna smoke ima gonna come here first an rant well I'm ranting!!!!! He's so disrespectful an so unappreative he don't wanna listen an do as he is told he wants to do what he wants. Smh anyways RANT OVER!