Day 301

Blog Post created by susan_m on Oct 1, 2017

Hello, Ex!  


Today is day 301 of my freedom from smoking.  It seems like it was a lifetime ago!  As some of you will remember, I approached my quit analytically; I needed to understand my responses to the process to feel like I was able to maintain control of my quit.


I am still that way 300 days in, but not as much as I was in the beginning. 


When I smoked my last cigarette on December 4th, 2016, I knew that I was finished smoking. I prepared myself for the physical, mental and emotional challenges (anybody remember Diary of a Madwoman?), but knew that I'd make it.  I have and I will; I will never smoke again. 


I am 51 years old and am healthy and strong. No lasting effects of my 30+ year habit, either. That is why I quit. I quit smoking because I was smart enough to know that time was not on my side. I know people (many are on here) who smoked less than I did and who are younger than me who are not so lucky.  I was smart enough to quit. 


I still think about smoking daily, I'm sorry to say, but I am never tempted to smoke. Cravings, triggers....they are still there, but they're mild and more of an annoyance.  I'm the quitter who will always miss smoking, but will never smoke again.  I loved smoking, but I love being a non-smoker more. 


And all of that is ok.


Whatever motivated you to quit, stay with it.  If you're here exploring the idea of quitting, just quit. If you're like me, accept that your time as a smoker is over, and work through each phase of your quit.  It's hard, but surprisingly easy at the same time. If you're in the early stage of your quit, remember this:  smoking a cigarette and giving up on your quit will not help, but staying strong and not giving in to the trigger certainly does. It helps your resolve, strengthens your commitment and helps to build the foundation from which you'll build your non smoking life. Every beaten trigger is like another piece of armor protecting your quit.  This is your quit, make it count.  You deserve a non-smoking life.


Thanks for the messages and well wishes, my Ex family!  It goes without saying that the support and love I received from the Ex community bolstered me and helped keep my commitment on track.