5 years!

Blog Post created by Buddy12 on Oct 1, 2017

Today, Oct. 1, 2017, makes 5 years of smoke free living for me. I honestly doubted that I could actually quit when I first joined this site, but here I am....no smoking for 5 years.

I'm certainly no expert, but I would like to just say a few things that helped me.....maybe they will help you, too.

1. You really have to WANT to quit smoking.

2. You should probably quit drinking alcoholic beverages for the first year or so. 

3. You might need the extra help that Nicorette gum provides....it sure helped me.

4. You really get a lot of support from this site,  so you'll need to check in daily.

5. Read as many books and articles as you can about quitting.

So, that's the 5 things that led to my success. Be careful with the Nicorette!  It's addictive too, and you'll need to quit that, too. But if I can do it, anyone can.

Good luck to you! You can do it!