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Update on Tommy - 10/31

Posted by Stac2 Oct 31, 2017

Compression in Tommy's neck is causing an extruding disc at C-5, which, in turn, is putting pressure on his spinal cord.  A neurosurgeon will consult with Tommy in the morning to concoct a plan of action.  


Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. 


Thank you you for continued prayers for our Tommy! 





Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Posted by Giulia Champion Oct 31, 2017




 halloween horror scary scared spooky GIF




Good morning Friends!

Posted by Sandy-9-17-17 Oct 31, 2017

I love that I have gained all these new friends here on the site!  It's like I have this secret life that really isn't secret

at all.

I just want to take a minute and thank each and every single one of you who are here and offer your support to all who

come here daily!  

I am doing very well in my quit, as you all may know!  I couldn't feel more confident that "I WILL NEVER PICK UP A

CIGARETTE EVER AGAIN" !!!  This quit is very powerful, and I am so in control of it!  I do not care that I have gained

weight, I know that will taper off eventually, especially now that I have joined a gym. 

Yesterday was my 56th birthday along with my  youngest child, who turned 21!  We celebrated last night, and not once

did I ever think about wanting to smoke while we celebrated with food and drinks! 

I had one of the nicest birthday's ever.  From daughter in law and grand daughter visiting me with flowers and a yummy chocolate brownie, to my honey bringing me some beautiful roses, (  Sad that I had left the office at lunch and wasn't there when he came to deliver them), my wonderful boss lady, who bought me Alex & Ani bracelets, because she too is proud of my accomplishment of quitting, then to dinner out with my birthday partner and 2 of my daughters and my honey!  I missed the two oldest being there, but they do have families to care for and children to get off to bed early.

All in all my friends, I am thankful, grateful and just plain happy!!!  Life is good, and will only continue to get better!  And I have to throw a quick spot of religion in here ( I don't really belong to any one religion ) But I have the good Lord on my side, walking along beside me daily !  How can I not be thankful! 


Much love to you all, and I hope you all are doing well, and wish you a fabulous smoke free day! 


Sandy 44 Wonderful DOF 


Update on Tommy 3 (10/30)

Posted by Stac2 Oct 30, 2017

The cardiologist has been to see our beloved Tommy.  The cardiologist thinks it may be a pinched nerve in his neck.  Tommy will have x rays tomorrow to confirm.   Let us all keep Tommy in prayer.  Whatever is wrong, may his pain disappear and be 100% correctible. 


Hugs to all dear fam,



Update on Tommy 2 (10/30)

Posted by Stac2 Oct 30, 2017

Tommy's latest ekg showed some changes.  His cardiologist has been called in.  Waiting to hear whether or not they will possibly increase pain meds.  Tommy is still hurting.  Thank you for continued knee mail.  





Update on Tommy

Posted by Stac2 Oct 30, 2017

Just checked in with Tommy.  It is about 7am cst.  He is still in pain.  Doctors have no new updates as of yet.  Thank you ex family for continued prayers for our much beloved Tommy!  I will continue to keep you all updated.  I will definitely be checking in with Tommy again later today.  





Prayers for Tommy

Posted by Stac2 Oct 29, 2017

To our EX friends, please say a prayer for Tommy. He was rushed earlier today by ambulance from work to the ER. They just admitted him. He's been having alot of chest pain. They are still running tests to determine what could be wrong.


Thank you all.


Shawn & Stacie

Well I started coming down with a UTI on Thursday night, and got right into the doc on Friday morning.  

I have allergies to Antibiotics that started within the last couple of years, so they are always trying to find the 

right one to prescribe for my issues if they arise.  

Well Keflex is now added to the list of don'ts ..... I took my first one last night, and it did not start up right away, I had 

drifted off to sleep and when I got up to brush my teeth, it began.  My hands and feet started itching, and by the time I

got to bed, I was scratching at both....immediately I got a benadryl down, thought it was helping as I started drifting

off to sleep, but as soon as I rolled over to my other side, it went crazy!  My whole body started itching.  Fingers swelling, lips feeling fat, but I'm still breathing normally.  I got up and drove myself to the ER and on the way, it felt 

as though my ears were swelling on the inside.....never felt that one before.  By the time I arrived, it felt like it 

took forever for me to get from my car to the inside of the ER.

They didn't hesitate to get me into a room at the site of me, I was completely red and shaking.....

Started an I.V. line to inject benadryl and steroids as soon as I hit the bed.  When they asked me if I smoked, I 

proudly said I quit 40 days ago !  They high fived me!  What a great feeling that was.  Took about an hour, and they 

had me back out the door heading home.  

I told my man, that next time, if it happens again, I will not be able to drive, as every episode is worse than the last.  

Well last night's episode was pretty traumatic for me, and scary, and I was breaking all the speeding laws to get to 

the hospital that is not very far from where I live.  They let me drive home, because I told them I could.  And I did!  

What a fun Friday night!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend of Freedom!  


Feeling Unpretty

Posted by Fee33 Oct 27, 2017

So of course I'm on a laxative an I manage to put makeup on anyways I never wear it an I'm trying to be happy an look alive but I feel just dead an my kids r off from school an all an weekends we usually well I usually cook all kinds of snacks I don't have the energy to do any of it an I know they understand I'm on a laxative this laxative so strong it makes not even wanna drink liquids why bc as soon as I drink something  I'm running it goes right through me my doctor was not playing when he prescribed this **** I'm just feeling down y'all  

White Powder Substance

Posted by Fee33 Oct 27, 2017

Don't like this new powder laxative it literally is draining me I feel like depressed Because I can't stop using the bathroom I can't wait til I get the scope done so I can get back to normal again I hate this so much and my husband has to go spend 2 days actually tomorrow night in jail for two days his PO found out he was drinking on his bday but he wouldn't admit it and they gave him two days in jail well drugcourt did so there you go! Today has been tiring an I don't feel like doing anything today but I have two bright shiney faces who depend on my smile an depend on my good Southern food I go to stop feeling sorry for myself woman up and do what I suppose to do. It said on my app 33 days of Freedom but I quit the 24 of September 2017 can y'all tell me how many days I've been clean from cancer sticks??

Update on Appointment

Posted by Fee33 Oct 26, 2017

Okay so I have to do a EGD on Wednesday on November 8th at 10:45 he said the ammonia is least of his worries that's nothing to worry about also what he's worried about is my labs show platelets being high he said don't worry we will figure it all out and find out why your stomach bloats an why your labs r always abnormal he said you been tested for hemp abc I said yes he said yes I seen all negative he said okay you have a history of stomach cancer on your dad's side of the family I said yes I do my mawmaw passed away from it he said okay when you come back for this test I will have answers for you. So I will be sedated so I need a driver lol who wants to drive me hahaha jk jk my husband is gonna be there with me y'all all keep me in yall prayers

My Gi Appointment Nerves Bad

Posted by Fee33 Oct 26, 2017

This morning is my Gi Appointment leaving by 9:30am doctor appointment at 11:45 so I am up this morning has been so interesting it's so much going on since yesterday situation but I really hope I don't get any bad news today at all I am ready to just get better get back in church bc I've been missing church due to be on a laxative everyday lactulose is what my doctor put me on anyways I hope it's nothing to serious just asking everyone to keep me in yall prayers Tuesday night I decided to marry Chris we both been going to meetings together I'm supporting him more and when he has a meeting I go everytime no call on jobs yet also trying to see about working at Walmart filled app out an everything doing over night stocking it's laid back hopefully someone calls me. Y'all all have a blessed Thursday 30 DOF Felicia aka Fee



Posted by Live4thedash Oct 25, 2017

Thanks for the shout out the other day Thomas!


lefe throws you ups and downs and you can enjoy the ride without those nasty butts!  I’m living proof. Lovely Mrs and I are full time Rvers now and traveling around (I work from home) blown tires? No reason to light up!  Last year I had a mini optic nerve stroke in my left eye. I can’t see out of it any more im down to one eye!!! But no reason to light up! Maybe a shot of Tequila but without the butt! Hehehe!   

NOPE and NEF my friends! After 30 years I’ve been smoke free for almost 8 years (in February)!!


until next time stay smoke free! Me and my wife are in Nashville for the week in our LUVSHAK. Can you say honky think and drinking without a smoke?   I can!  Yeee Haawww!


Newly Improved Cravings

Posted by Sandy-9-17-17 Oct 24, 2017

I can't really say that I am craving cigarettes, or smoking at all, but I am craving foods......

Ice cream, Chips, all the things that I shouldn't have but maybe once in a while, but here 

I am ...... craving food all times of the day!  

I am seriously going to blow up!  Oh wait.....I already have!   I am trying real hard to stop

putting food in my hands that goes to my mouth.  Is it really just that hand to mouth motion

that I am experiencing?  Or is it that food just tastes so much better?  

I really am not craving smoking though!  I am on guard for it to happen, but it just really isn't 

happening!  Feeling pretty grateful!  Feeling sad for those who are struggling!  

All I can say, is keep up the fight, keep working hard, because I have not felt this good in 

a long time and I love it!  

Eating is all time better than smoking!  


Sandy 37 DOF

I hope everyone is having the best day possible, smokefree of course and if you are struggling with craves please remember that you can and will get through the rough patches by continuing to move forward stacking up your days of Freedom so chin up and hang on tight and don't let go until you come out the other side smiling.  which is going to take some time but boy oh boy it's absolutely Doable and so very worth it all to be FREE! 

If you haven't already quit smoking now is the time to bite the bullet and take back your life while you're still vertical so read everything you can about quitting smoking and Remaining Quit because there's a wealth of information here to strengthen your resolve to kick the nicotine poison to the curb and start living a life of Freedom and if you've been quit awhile and are struggling with craves please remember as Dale says the only way out is through and besides that let's all of us remember to N. E. F.  - Never Ever Forget the early days and wks of quitting smoking because another Day ONE would totally Suck Big Time but moving forward and stacking up those precious Days WON is absolutely super fantastic but we all had to get through the roller coaster ups and downs of withdrawals and mood swings before we hit the good place in our quits which is definitely going to take some time because most of us smoked many decades , I smoked for 40 yrs and I am thankful for this site and everyone that helped me through the rough patches so chin up and hang on tight and keep plowing forward because there's definitely life after cigarettes and it's yours for the taking but you must believe in yourself and know that you can and will be get through because you can with N.O.P.E and vigilance because S.I.N.A.O. is it easy? HELL NO! Is it worth it? HELL YES! 

Oh by the way my friends & fellow Exers I'm not going to be around until probably lunch time tomorrow so I'll see you later. 

My deepest feelings

Posted by Fee33 Oct 20, 2017

As I go to bed I think man I had hell all day with a man who is so hopeless an so lost if I wasn't in his life i really can't tell you where he would be you know we went  to see my friend tonight thats like 20 miles away from us and I had to drive back home bc he was so drunk and I told him he's not driving an he didn't argue for once with me I also feel I'm to forgiving too it's so late and Im just feel real deep into the situation about how my life is gonna be with a Alcoholic an literally his consequences or jail time not rehab he done went there an completed it an he's been 3 months sober now he's relasping after a relaspe and I'm totally enabling him why bc I drinked the first time I found out my son was getting sent to a military group and I couldn't handle none of my emotions an I said I'm drinking to forget even if it's for a second r a minute i took it really hard. He was my first born child an going Into a military group home at the age of 13 noone knows how I felt when that happened an the last words I heard was I love you Mama pray for me anyways I drinked an what my ex do drinked too bc he said he couldn't handle the situation either an since then he's been relasping over an over an I feel it's all my fault bc if I didn't take that first drink he would of never relasped but I am not a Alcoholic I drink I'm done with it him he don't know when to stop he was so drunk his breathlizer was showing stroke range an he was as calm as a cucumber acted sober seriously but breathlizer said different that didn't even scare him!!!! I'm scared he's gonna drink one day an just die!!!! It's so much going on tonight in my head..we been through so much an he's lost wo me but I do know for him to stay sober I have to stop drinking to even when I'm stressed don't drink but I'm such a cheap drunk like I can drink 2 shots an I'm messed up why bc I'm not a drinker at all! Lol I never really cared for it at all just did it an done never kept on drinking an drinking that's what he does he doesn't know when to stop bc he doesn't like to detox so he drinks small portions to keep him from detoxing an that never helps him he thinks it does til they really hit hard then he is miserable I knowwww I took care of his detoxing nights an days puking screaming raging cussing at me why bc I wouldn't let him get a bottle I wouldn't let him drive to get more alcohol I told.him you just gotta get through it an I'm not going anywhere I gave him cold rags fan blowing on him bc he's sweating beads of sweat down his face an body soaked the sheets now he weighs 250pds imagine how heavy he was for me to get him off the floor an to the toilet to puke an then in shower to shower it's miserable yall have no clue unless you delt with a Alcoholic yourself then you can understand why I'm explaining all this bc I've been there an done it an went through it with him an I'm still here hoping something will change Aalon I actually went to a meeting once when I lived out of my home town I wish they had one close by me but they don't but I'm sorry this is such a long blog but I do appreciate you stopping by to read my blog I'm going through so much an I feel it's all my fault at times. Well have a goodnight y'all 

Feeling so unappreciated

Posted by Fee33 Oct 20, 2017

By Everyone today my soon to be husband bday today an I been up since 9am to cook his bday supper fried chicken an pistoletes and fries an then a German cake for his bday hes a drunk an he doesn't listen to me he doesn't care how bad he hurts me and I'm marrying him um no I took my ring off an there's not gonna be a wedding at all! I'm feeling like smoking y'all like real bad craving like just throw my hands up an say f it an just smoke bc he's drinking an he told he he wouldn't at all an he's back drinking but doesn't want me to smoke at all but he's not holding up his end of the bargain at all I'm done y'all forral done 

Can I say Impressed!!!

Posted by Fee33 Oct 19, 2017

So I'm chewing minty gum usually this makes me wanna smoke a cigarette uh no craves to at all I'm like thinking to myself your mind is your worst enemy like seriously I always had a piece of gum in my mouth when I smoked bc my husband would say your breath smells like a ashtray I'm like what!!!!!! He's like seriously babe well since I've stopped smoking even smelling it makes me nauseated and then im wanting to tell them hey y'all don't know it but those cigarettes stink an you don't realize it til you stop smoking like yes your clothes really stink your breath Everything just stop for a few days an you will regret ever smoking js....but then I'm like I might offend them by just going up randomly saying those things lol just imagine me telling strangers hey those things stink hahahahaha....that would be bad lol but yes I can chew a piece of minty gum and it doesn't trigger me to smoke at all I'm so impressed an feel all giddy inside lol thanks for reading my blog! Xoxo Felicia

You got to want to quit

Posted by Fee33 Oct 19, 2017

When I say this I'm meaning this if you don't wanna quit smoking cigarettes you want I realized something about myself yesterday all the nicotine out my system now I think it wasn't the nicotine I missed it was something to put in my mouth an between my fingers was something I was addicted to most of all bc when I think about smoking my stomach burns an I'm like saying NOPE NOPE I mean over an over again and then I ask myself felicia you been 24 DOF WO SMOKING why would you wanna mess that up you came so far an y'all know what I don't want a cigarette anymore like it instantly leaves my mind so fast! So my blog today is this when I quit smoking cigarettes it's because I wanted to quit smoking not because I had too I wanted this more then anything an I prayed about it and then just did it an today an may not seem alot to y'all that I have 24 days of Freedom of nasty cigaretts but it means so much to me I seen elders an their DOF an I'm like wow I so wanna be there to!!! So everyday without a cigarette is how I'm continue my journey of becoming smoke free for life. Thanks for taking your time out to read my blog xoxo Fee

Good Morning fellow Ex's.  I'm happy this morning because I am free from the smokes.  Everything is getting better now and Brian's fractured leg is starting to heal.  He still has to do physio and it will take another 5-8 weeks before he can start walking again.  Finally, finally, I can see my way through all this and I know keeping quit is the best thing to do.  I have an appointment coming up with an oral pathologist.  Those are the experts on finding oral cancer.  A couple of spots along my gums have changed.  MORE reason to keep my quit, and I'm praying for good news Oct. 30th.

I won't find out until evening as my appointment is 7:15 p.m.  Quitting and staying quit are my only options.

I WILL, delay, distract, deep breathe through my cravings and will be drinking a ton of water.  

I am hoping to get to Yoga class today as everything here is getting better, as long as I'm not too tired today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, because I plan on it!!


1 Is Mild, 2 Is Moderate.  Number 3 Is "Kick It To The Curb"

Ride To Victory On Craverider 1


I just wanted to pop in for awhile to say hi and to update information on Freedom Train's spreadsheet. If anybody has changed their quit date or wants to be added on to celebrate your milestones, message me. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!


update on sharon

Posted by plug66 Oct 14, 2017

on the phone with sharon, she is doing very well, in pain of course, but she is a real warrior.....she will be laid up for quite a while cannot put weight on her leg.....they had to take an artery out to use in her hand......she will be down for 6 weeks.....that poor girl and can't use crutches cause she can't bear weight on her hand.....what a MESS....... i have been posting updates, so i just hope they were in the right place....she is sooooooo funny ........her sense of humor is making this journey doable.....she sends love to all 

Flu shot an Ammonia

Posted by Fee33 Oct 12, 2017

Yes I'm getting the flu shot tomorrow and I'm feeling a little better an when I say a little better  my nose is unstopping slowly an now it's all in my throat and my glucose levels was high an I have ammonia  in my blood stream an I'm just a sick sick woman they put me on a laxative due to clear up ammonia in my blood stream this is the second time does anyone know what this means an why this keeps happening? And he's referring me to a GI specialist! He thinks it's my liver Because my liver enzymes was elevated this is not the first time you guys an NO I don't drink alcohol an years ago I did but wasn't a heavy drinker. 


When does it subside?

Posted by TurboRose Oct 11, 2017


For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been dealing with some mind chatter urging me to smoke.  It’s not an oral thing. It’s not about hand to mouth movement.  It’s a matter of fact type of statement I’m hearing; “Why don’t you go on and have a smoke? You’ll feel normal” or “Why don’t you have a smoke so things will go back to normal and you’ll know what to do?”


I had problems motivating myself to “do things” while I was smoking. I know my normal isn’t something I really want to return to. I want a new normal. I want to get up off the couch and do things. I want more life in my life.  I know smoking isn’t going to help me create the life I’ve been telling myself I want and can have “If I would just stop smoking.”


I am 100+ days into my quit and I’m battling this mind chatter. I’ve been an ex-smoker 0.7% of the amount of time I smoked. I figure I have to give my body and brain a chance to recognize I’m no longer smoking.


I was prepared for the discomfort in the initial days of my quit. I wasn’t prepared for this. The last time I stopped, it was the mind chatter I couldn’t handle and eventually gave into. Sometimes distraction works. There are many things I need to tend to. Being active and engaged is an issue I had before I stopped smoking.  I’m wondering if this mind chatter is a gift; If I need to keep busy in order to stop the chatter then I just might become the active engaged person I say I want to be. It doesn’t matter how I get there as long as I arrive safe and sound.  I’ve taken advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. I started walking. I’m averaging about 1.5 miles a day.  It’s what goes on when I’m home that I really need to address.


When does it subside?  Does it ever subside?  Is mind chatter the ex-smokers kryptonite?

Flu meds

Posted by Fee33 Oct 11, 2017

Okay so I'm like way worst today I've been drinking thereflu however you spell it with some whiskey fire ball a tsp aka hottie toddie my head is Killing me so bad please keep me In your prayers as you go about your day today I am laid up on my couch with my comforter an pillow my kids r getting ready for school it is 6:41 am here I'm on antibiotics aleve an therflu drink and cough drops an alot of tissue for my raw little nose I'ma a sick mama I'ma gone to sleep love y'all all! 17 DOF "felicia 

Oh Nooooo

Posted by Fee33 Oct 8, 2017

So my sisterlaw came over yesterday stayed till 7pm she's a smoker well shes like Felicia wanna come outside well I've been quit smoking for almost two weeks and I was like she's family let's just test the waters so she was smoking and it didn't bother me like as in wanting to smoke too I was like so proud of myself an she even mention I need to stop smoking these cigarettes r high I said yup I'm glad I quit but the kicker is this I guess smelling all that smoke got me sick my throat is so scratchy an it's like agravating scratchy throat I never Harley get sick but I just checked my son's temp my baby cj temp he's my 9 year old his temp is 99.7 he's running low grade fever so yes I got some sick little boys an Jeron was sick when I got him with a stopped up nose but he's getting better now I'm sick but I don't drink r eat anything after cj r my other son jeron either its my time to get sick I guess r the smoke what y'all think might be??? Any comments accepted

Well here is Sunday

Posted by Fee33 Oct 8, 2017

Getting ready for church with my family Jeron is here  he's been here since Friday and he's just so happy to be here on 14 DOF well all I'm doing good I want be on here as much but I will check in from time to time an let y'all all know how I'm doing being smoke free have a blessed Sunday Everyone


My Weekend

Posted by Sandy-9-17-17 Oct 7, 2017

I got to go out to a hockey game on Friday night with family, and I got to have a few beers, and a couple 

of hot dogs, and it felt so great to not have the want or need to have to have a fix at any time during the 


On another note, I did have to suffer walking behind some people who were smoking before they went 

in to the arena, and I kept thinking, YUCK!  That is what I must have smelled like to others as they walked

behind me!  

My nose is working so good, I need a clothespin!  LOL!  

Three weeks ago today, I smoked my last cigarette in the early afternoon, and tomorrow starts 

week 4 in my quit.  I am so excited that I am coming up on being able to say 1 month of Freedom from 

a very long bad habit!  I'm winning this fight and will continue to just enjoy my Freedom one day at a time!  


Peace to all of my Fellow Ex Buddies!  






21 DOH


Posted by arky Oct 6, 2017

 I want to thanks every one for the support, i did miss all  one day at a time it has been 2 weeks since my surgary. every thing fell down, but i am fix up.  it sounds like you all are doing great keeping old nice a way.  hugs

12 Days of Freedom

Posted by Fee33 Oct 6, 2017

Yes I can say I am on 12 DOF I am so thankful an blessed to say I am smoke free now that's something to brag about yes ma'am an yes sir my parents or so happy with my quit my soon to be husband is even happier with my quit and especially my son's they can't believe it I have to pinch myself at times an say Felicia is this true and I say yes it is!!! Woohrahhh!!!! 

Just wanna tell Everyone

Posted by Fee33 Oct 5, 2017

How I'm doing today I'm cooking cabbage slaw with grilled sausages an onions and a bake potato with sirloin steak today for supper an I've been 11 DOF so proud of my success it maynot seem alot to some being longer days then mine but I feel like I achieved so much on this journey!!! Thanks all who always make it known they or proud of me an always lift my spirits up on my quittng cold turkey I love you all I'm doing good NOPE NOPE NOPE that's right NEVER EVER!!! have a blessed Thursday  

 hooray!!!!! I'm serious if I can get passed these rants and raves and just be like woosahhhhh!!! And eat healthier I think my quit days would be so much easier on me like I'm happy all the days Ive been smoke free but wish I would be more happier and say stop whining an complaining you know I know I get on my husband's nerves so I know I can get on Yas nerves my emotions r up an down all the time I sometimes feel like seriously get it together little britches hahahaha...but yes I am on 10 DOF  whoop whoop!!! I feel like empty emotionally drained can't sleep restless nutcase!!! Just saying!!! Thanks for taking your time out to read my blog I'm so sure others feel like this when they first quit it's actually natural it's withdrawals some have all of them some have a few of them I think the only thing I don't have a prob with is a cough I've seen alot of newbies cough after they stop smoking um not me at all! Cravings yes foods different types yes but after my wedding I am putting myself on a no carb diet all veggies only lean meat! I've been on diets before an I was weigh-in 130 dropped down to 120 now I'm 150 weigh in an I'm gonna drop down to 130 it's a working progress if you want it if you don't want it your not gonna do it plain an simple! "Felicia aka Fee

Worrying about Everything

Posted by Fee33 Oct 3, 2017

Yes I'm worrying about everything I got a wedding I'm planning waiting on my new debit card to come in mail box so all my money can transfer on there the old one is void til I get my new one and I feel like I'm cry why because the dress I wanted is out of stock in my size I ha e gain weight man I'm weighing like 150 and my wedding on the 20th like seriously I got change my.dress now an yes yes yes I do want to smoke now but Im soooo not!! Don't worry I'm not there's a difference in wanting too and just wanting too I want too not meaning I am it's a want an I knowwww please dont lecture me I know they want help or solve anything I KNOW!!!! just really really worried now the place I'm ordering my dress is modest I am a pentcostal that's my religion but I don't call it a religion it's having a relationship with God anyways...I have to change my dress now it's gotta be cream too bc my husband suit is black n cream an my bridesmaid just have one an maid of honor just one they also wearing cream dresses why bc my dress was cream I was getting   im so broken hearted I called to see when they would be in stock for my size she said she don't know. Smoking sounds pretty an then I call my husband he's like chill babe take a chill pill I said I'ma about to smoke a big ole.nasty cigarette he said yup A NASTY STINKING CIGARETTE when you been 9 days wo them don't do it babe I said I'm not OK!!! AND TBH I AM NOT EVEN CRAVING ONE AT ALL TO MUCH STRESS ALL THe food I eat behind not smoking so sad wowww!!! 

So going on 9days of Freedom

Posted by Fee33 Oct 3, 2017

I just am over 8days of freedom now Tomorrow will be 9 days of freedom I AM STACKING UP MY DAYS COUNTING EVERYONE why because this is the longest I've been without a cigarette I don't miss them either an I am so happy I am not a smoker anymore I do have my moments I'm sure everyone does well goodnight yall 6:30am comes early for me and by the way I am sleeping way better then before when I first quit I still got some rage in me when I get mad but it's getting better  it was a good day after I heard from my friend wanting to quit smoking too!! 

My oldest son

Posted by Fee33 Oct 2, 2017

Oh man I am furious right now so I'm ranting an raving again soo he's in a military group home been there since September 6th he moves up on ranking well he's still in 1 the white card is the lowest you can be after a month there he's still hasn't moved up at all why because he want s to run the show an he can't run anything there at all and so the probation officer an couciler was on the phone with him and me telling me about his progress I could choke him why because he's not working the program at all he has mental issues anyways not getting into that well his probation officer said if he doesn't straighten up he's being sent to a detention center plain an simple he start talking back at him I'm like omg really son he's like he's boss remember he's on 13 October 13 he will 14 he doesn't have any respect for anyone I got so upset he started being smart with me I was like man I just wanna smoke a damn cigarette then I was like NOPE I told y'all whoever is following me I said when I wanna smoke ima gonna come here first an rant well I'm ranting!!!!! He's so disrespectful an so unappreative he don't wanna listen an do as he is told he wants to do what he wants. Smh anyways RANT OVER! 

Do expect the unexpected

Posted by Fee33 Oct 2, 2017

I don't need to hang my head down low because I once was a smoker I need to lift my head up high an enounce I am gonna keep fighting the good fight if you have people around you who want to see you quit thank them everyday for being that hope that you feel is gone by letting go of something that is literally killing you day by day by day you only got three choices in life give up give in or give it all you got!!!! So yes expect the unexpected Because what's lying around that corner is What?? Anyone know.... Yes FREEDOM of the smell of nicotine on your clothes the stuff inhaled daily that is literally killing you making you look older then you really or freedom from being a darn slave to a stinky cancer stick freedom of feeling hopeless an a loser and all the feelings your feeling that what we do stuff down because you needed someone to talk too but you just stuffed it down into a cigarette inhaling it deep into your lungs and thinking that actually helped the situation when in reality why we don't know about reality because that darn cigarette made us stuff all those feelings in it but now we see hear smell breathe taste different we feel different we look different the smile is bigger an bigger as everyday goes by we cry we scream an guess what we still survive it all so it's okay to expect the unexpected. I hope this helps someone it's all from my heart "Fee33" aka Felicia 


5 years!

Posted by Buddy12 Oct 1, 2017

Today, Oct. 1, 2017, makes 5 years of smoke free living for me. I honestly doubted that I could actually quit when I first joined this site, but here I smoking for 5 years.

I'm certainly no expert, but I would like to just say a few things that helped me.....maybe they will help you, too.

1. You really have to WANT to quit smoking.

2. You should probably quit drinking alcoholic beverages for the first year or so. 

3. You might need the extra help that Nicorette gum sure helped me.

4. You really get a lot of support from this site,  so you'll need to check in daily.

5. Read as many books and articles as you can about quitting.

So, that's the 5 things that led to my success. Be careful with the Nicorette!  It's addictive too, and you'll need to quit that, too. But if I can do it, anyone can.

Good luck to you! You can do it!



Day 301

Posted by susan.m Oct 1, 2017

Hello, Ex!  


Today is day 301 of my freedom from smoking.  It seems like it was a lifetime ago!  As some of you will remember, I approached my quit analytically; I needed to understand my responses to the process to feel like I was able to maintain control of my quit.


I am still that way 300 days in, but not as much as I was in the beginning. 


When I smoked my last cigarette on December 4th, 2016, I knew that I was finished smoking. I prepared myself for the physical, mental and emotional challenges (anybody remember Diary of a Madwoman?), but knew that I'd make it.  I have and I will; I will never smoke again. 


I am 51 years old and am healthy and strong. No lasting effects of my 30+ year habit, either. That is why I quit. I quit smoking because I was smart enough to know that time was not on my side. I know people (many are on here) who smoked less than I did and who are younger than me who are not so lucky.  I was smart enough to quit. 


I still think about smoking daily, I'm sorry to say, but I am never tempted to smoke. Cravings, triggers....they are still there, but they're mild and more of an annoyance.  I'm the quitter who will always miss smoking, but will never smoke again.  I loved smoking, but I love being a non-smoker more. 


And all of that is ok.


Whatever motivated you to quit, stay with it.  If you're here exploring the idea of quitting, just quit. If you're like me, accept that your time as a smoker is over, and work through each phase of your quit.  It's hard, but surprisingly easy at the same time. If you're in the early stage of your quit, remember this:  smoking a cigarette and giving up on your quit will not help, but staying strong and not giving in to the trigger certainly does. It helps your resolve, strengthens your commitment and helps to build the foundation from which you'll build your non smoking life. Every beaten trigger is like another piece of armor protecting your quit.  This is your quit, make it count.  You deserve a non-smoking life.


Thanks for the messages and well wishes, my Ex family!  It goes without saying that the support and love I received from the Ex community bolstered me and helped keep my commitment on track. 





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