Prayers for Florida

Blog Post created by marilyn_marmac on Sep 10, 2017

I logged on to see if any of my fellow Floridians had posted, especially those in South Florida. I was happy/relieved to see Tommy has left Naples! Another friend, also from Naples, is weathering the hurricane with us in Jacksonville. Weather from the hurricane should reach us in a few hours, however, we already have trees down, wind, flooding, bridge closures, etc..  due to a nor'easter that rolled in yesterday  that will impact how things turn out. . We are expected to have a lot of tornado activity, already started having warnings in our area, and that honestly frightens me more than the hurricane.  Even with that ---- our issues are nothing compared to the disaster Naples will see. Our friend checked the zone of his apartment in find out 9 ft storm surges are expected. That will completely submerge most homes. Our weather channel also posted pictures of Tampa Bay, a couple hours north of Naples, that terrified me. The water in the bay has been sucked out and people were walking way out in the bay. The destruction that will happen when that water comes surging back in will be massive. 

If you are a fellow Floridian, please let me know where you are and what is happening in your area if you still have connection.