Day 46

Blog Post created by tlajbenn on Sep 2, 2017

Well I made it through the first full week back to school (only 3 days with students in the building). The students are excited to be back and eager to begin classes. The staff is enjoying catching up with one another after the summer break. I have a new assistant helping me this year. I had some ups and downs throughout the week but I am not smoking over it. 



I woke up with an upset stomach every morning (?stress)- I ate some dry cereal and got moving/started my day. By the time I got to work, it was better.

My hips and knees started aching from sitting at a desk most of the day - I  got up and moved more throughout the day and walked the dog when I got home.

Mounds of paperwork piling up with more coming in each day - I just kept plugging away as much as I could as best as I could. I found breaking it down into smaller sections made it less overwhelming. And I took breaks when I needed to.

I got cranky at times and occasionally I still feel like I'm in a fog although not as often. I felt fatigued by the end of the week and the tingling feeling in my legs returned. -  I found exercise and taking breaks helps, as does having less coffee and more water.



The weather has been beautiful and I have been able to take the dog for a walk after school.

My son had a good start to his new school year entering into 8th grade.

I was able to reconnect with supportive colleagues that I don't see over the summer.

My students make me smile.

I found support and motivation on my daily check in here.  

I have a long weekend to rest, relax, and refocus. I found ways to deal with and overcome the stressors of the day AND I did not smoke over it.

I had thoughts that popped up out of habit but I immediately brushed them aside because SINAO! I don't do that anymore.


Life happens and I chose to live my life without smoking. NOPE!!!! SINAO!!!