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Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Sep 25, 2017

You will be the cause of your success or failure.

You can't pass the

and succeed at quitting.

What Made Life Appear Faster Was The Scurrying To Have A Cigarette

So You Could Get Back To What You Were Doing. :-)

This is my 3rd time trying to quit smoking I'll go 3-4 days with out smoking but I always end up getting a pack of smoke....My husband quit smoking year's ago cold turkey..I don't see how he could do that..I can't

He wants me to quit I do to I have been trying for so long with no luck

He is starting to think I don't want to quit

..I want to quit smoking so bad..... I just can't 


Day 17!!!

Posted by LexyLuna Sep 20, 2017

I haven't been updating but I haven't smoked once. I am so proud of my progress so far! It hasn't been easy (especially with all the car problems) but it gets easier everyday. 


I'm posting right now cause I've been taking the bus lately, and I get to work pretty early. As I'm waiting for the doors to open, there's a woman chain smoking right near me. Normally I'm okay with smokers, cause I understand what they went through. But I'm furious right now. I just wanted to relax before work, I don't want to smell smoke and I can't say anything cause she works for corporate. I've noticed an increase in anger since I've quit. Does anyone have advice on how to deal with anger when it comes to smokers? 

Feeling pretty excited today......knowing that this is the final day of me having nicotine in my body. 

My mind is solid on conquering this quit for good.  It's good too, because I have a surgery coming up

October 6th, and will be down for a week, and my understanding is that quitting smoking ups my chances

of healing faster.  I love the sound of that, especially because it will take 7-8 months for my knee to heal.

I feel urges, but not really too often, which is surprising for how many years I have smoked.  My most

powerful urges are after eating it seems.   

Aside from all the support my family is giving me through this, I am comforted in knowing there is the

EX Community for me to go to every day!  Thanks for being here! 

I would have smoked a lot this morning.

      I'm a meticulous bargain hunter at the grocery stores. I'm not cheap and I'm not a haggler and I normally don't go to the chain that is the furthest away, but, they had watermelon on sale. 

      I decide to take a back way in the dark, to show how smart I think I am and I can't see ANY of the cross streets markings so I'm virtually driving blind. I finally get to my turn and get to the first store.   I saved $5.46  :-)

      I have two more stores and I'm not used to approaching the 2nd store from this direction. I was going 65 in a 45 when I realize


      I  slammed on my brakes going 65 and I'm thinking. Hmm, I hear someone skidding. I'm beginning to inhale burning rubber. THAT SOMEONE IS ME,

Then the truck started skipping and jerking and I'm thinking,


      I did by half a foot and pulled into the parking lot with a cab full of burning rubber smoke.


   I just wanted to confirm,

you can have just as much fun as a non smoker.

I got my dopamine from the danger, not a smoke afterwards


Nothing eventful at the third store except they didn't have what I wanted.  :-)

I logged on to see if any of my fellow Floridians had posted, especially those in South Florida. I was happy/relieved to see Tommy has left Naples! Another friend, also from Naples, is weathering the hurricane with us in Jacksonville. Weather from the hurricane should reach us in a few hours, however, we already have trees down, wind, flooding, bridge closures, etc..  due to a nor'easter that rolled in yesterday  that will impact how things turn out. . We are expected to have a lot of tornado activity, already started having warnings in our area, and that honestly frightens me more than the hurricane.  Even with that ---- our issues are nothing compared to the disaster Naples will see. Our friend checked the zone of his apartment in find out 9 ft storm surges are expected. That will completely submerge most homes. Our weather channel also posted pictures of Tampa Bay, a couple hours north of Naples, that terrified me. The water in the bay has been sucked out and people were walking way out in the bay. The destruction that will happen when that water comes surging back in will be massive. 

If you are a fellow Floridian, please let me know where you are and what is happening in your area if you still have connection. 




Posted by Lady86 Sep 8, 2017

Hello EXers. I am still here, and I'm happy to announce I'm a proud non smoker. 2 weeks will be 6 months for me. I couldn't have done it without the help and support here and the knowledge I fed myself. While being here consistently may help others I found it easier to pop by once in awhile.  Nothing personal whatsoever  I've been going through some tough situations and am glad I never reverted back to my old habits. I now do yoga and workout and that really helps. Take care everyone. And remember one day or 100 days it'll always be onward to freedom!!



Day 46

Posted by tlajbenn Sep 2, 2017

Well I made it through the first full week back to school (only 3 days with students in the building). The students are excited to be back and eager to begin classes. The staff is enjoying catching up with one another after the summer break. I have a new assistant helping me this year. I had some ups and downs throughout the week but I am not smoking over it. 



I woke up with an upset stomach every morning (?stress)- I ate some dry cereal and got moving/started my day. By the time I got to work, it was better.

My hips and knees started aching from sitting at a desk most of the day - I  got up and moved more throughout the day and walked the dog when I got home.

Mounds of paperwork piling up with more coming in each day - I just kept plugging away as much as I could as best as I could. I found breaking it down into smaller sections made it less overwhelming. And I took breaks when I needed to.

I got cranky at times and occasionally I still feel like I'm in a fog although not as often. I felt fatigued by the end of the week and the tingling feeling in my legs returned. -  I found exercise and taking breaks helps, as does having less coffee and more water.



The weather has been beautiful and I have been able to take the dog for a walk after school.

My son had a good start to his new school year entering into 8th grade.

I was able to reconnect with supportive colleagues that I don't see over the summer.

My students make me smile.

I found support and motivation on my daily check in here.  

I have a long weekend to rest, relax, and refocus. I found ways to deal with and overcome the stressors of the day AND I did not smoke over it.

I had thoughts that popped up out of habit but I immediately brushed them aside because SINAO! I don't do that anymore.


Life happens and I chose to live my life without smoking. NOPE!!!! SINAO!!! 

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