Checking in

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Aug 31, 2017

Hello to all you wonderful people! Sorry I’ve been absent of late. Things got really hectic for a bit but mostly in good ways. First of all, we picked up three new houses that needed finishing ASAP! Financially, this is wonderful, but it does keep us running in circles trying to accommodate everyone quickly.


And then, just before we found out about all this work, my wife and I had committed to volunteer work for a hospice organization in our area. I thought this might be simple, but it includes a lot of very necessary training and a bit of medical testing before we can begin, but I guess that’s to be expected considering the work we’ll be doing.


In the end, we hope to help others cope in a time of need, and to help in whatever way we can to make the process as easy as possible in a time when support is needed.


I feel the same way when it comes to someone trying to quit smoking. It’s an incredibly hard time in a person’s life when they choose to give up the security blanket that was used for so long. Stress is the last thing we want when we quit smoking, and though life happens, it’s important to learn that life really doesn’t need a security blanket that in the end causes death.


All we can do as those “who have been there” is to try to warn you of the endless pitfalls that can derail a quit. Of the things that we did to achieve success in our own quits. To offer support in a time that’s just plain confusing! And the knowledge that we bring is that of those who have fought for their own freedom.


There are so many here to help us achieve our goal of ffreedom, so long as we can find the time to listen. I’ll be back soon, as soon as things calm down a bit to lend what little I can offer. In the meantime, stay focused on that freedom!


Listen to those that try to help you and before long, your addiction will be nothing but a memory of things past. Before long, your freedom will be the shining beacon that you knew was always there, if you could just reach for it!


I think of all of you all of the time. Of the power that’s created in this place just by a belief in freedom! In a belief that one day, we’ll find peace. It’s there, waiting for you if you can just hold on long enough to get to it!


I will be more active soon, because I miss all of you and the commitment that you bring to your lives every day. In fact, I’ll be around this weekend just to touch base with all of you wonderfully committed people!! Until then . . . .