Started Again

Blog Post created by hattonc on Aug 9, 2017

I had over 3 months free from smoking an I have managed to pick this horrible habit all over agsin .. I quit for 2 years . Than started agsin last February '16. Then quit agsin this past may.. I was doin so well .. even exercising... there have been major changes in my life an I'm not adjusting well.. I lost my mother in February.. also been through a very stressful relationship that is ending .. I'm living by myself for the first time.. I could go on an on ... I'm not making excuses all I know is I was a nervous smoker an I woukd always turn to a cigarette.. but honestly now when I smoke they make me sick.. why am I doin this to myself? I hate it an I don't want to do it !  I wish there were meetings locally to attend for smokers like they do for  alcoholics and drug addictions.. this really is a horrible addiction.. I want to quit an stay quit .., it's really depressing me....