What are you really losing?

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Aug 8, 2017

When we first decide to quit smoking and when we do actually quit smoking, so often the perception is of loss. Of losing a companion. I think the reality is that during this period of our quits, we compare the present to the past.


We know that somehow it seemed that whenever we had a problem in our lives, that the cigarette made that problem more tolerable. That it would calm our anger. That it would help us to solve a problem or find the energy to complete a given task.


Over time, we reinforce these false beliefs because it helps us to understand why we’re doing something so negative to ourselves every day. And eventually, our minds accept these fallacies as reality.


And so when we quit, we start to think about our time of smoking and compare it to the present, and when we do this somehow it seems that the old life of smoking was better than the life of freedom. We begin to cast doubt on our ability to survive day to day challenges without a cigarette. And this opens a crack in our resolve that in the end could derail a quit if we let it.


If we latch on to how life used to be, we end up losing the resolve that we fought so hard to create. We begin to rationalize why we should give in and this creates the divided mind that so many experience.


We begin to argue with ourselves. One side demanding a cigarette while the other side tries to convince us not to give into what we know is wrong. I had many a day like this. At least while I allowed it. This is when the mantras can help. N.O.P.E. can become the dominating thought in our minds if we choose to let it be.


The key is to let go of the past, because it simply was a world we used to live in. Realizing that the cigarettes never actually helped with anything comes naturally as time goes on. As we live our problems and emotions without cigarettes, we begin to see through the lies of our addiction.


And when that happens, we’re well on our way to success. Never believe that your life or perception of that life is static. It can be changed, just as we changed it for the worst when we first started smoking. When we first started making up good reasons to continue to smoke.


In the end so long as we stay strong, there really is a new and different life to look forward to. There really is the peace that we all talk about. And the freedom is a real thing that is felt every day in the life of a person who has let the past go.


So stay focused on that smoke free future! You won’t be sorry!!