Day 25 | 1

Blog Post created by Showiestodin on Aug 4, 2017

    Here I am at my day 25. I didn't think I'd make it 2 days now here I am at 25 DOF !!! I am trying to learn how to make/have/keep friendships here, all at the same time trying to be my authentic self. I want to stay true to me. I also want to be a good influence and a positive supportive person for all of you, my friends.


    I am not dwelling on bad things. That's just to negative, for me. I need to stay happy and positive. I find it comforting and I gain strength from this state of mind. That is a great thing in my position. My mental health is very important to me. If I don't stay upbeat, I'm afraid I will break down again or slip back into depression or worse - Both. 


    I do have the sensation inside my body of wanting, needing nicotine. I have to either read or write myself through it here, or get up change of scenery, anything other than entertain that idea of smoking. Maybe it is just that sometimes I'll feel like I'm having withdrawal symptoms all over again as if I just quit yesterday. Other times throughout the day I don't remember I ever smoked. I totally forget about cigarettes. I do understand that I smoked a long time. It takes time to unlearn that habit and to form new ones in place of my old dangerously unhealthy one. But all in all, at the end of the day - It Is Worth It !!!  I am worth it !!!!