Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Jul 23, 2017

When we choose to quit smoking, the first thing we feel is fear. At least that’s how it was for me. So often, I’d think about quitting. In fact, I thought about it for several years. Just a fleeting thought of course. And it never seemed to bother me that I always thought about quitting, even though I never did.


But like anything, eventually something is going to pop up to get a person’s attention. For me it was waking up every morning and spending a good two hours exercising my lungs. Thing is, this is not the kind of exercise a person wants to do for you see, I spent the first two hours of the morning coughing excessively, even as I smoked!


Yeah, I was that addicted. Willing to cough my lungs out for hours every morning and still convincing myself that bad things only happen to others. I knew I was safe for you see, I had no problem smoking and the coughing happened whether I smoked or not. I had let my addiction control my very perception of things. I had let my addiction go beyond just controlling my life. In fact, I was so addicted that smoking WAS my life!


I began to believe that it would be impossible for me to ever remove the shackles of my addiction, until one day the same old thought came through as I was smoking like a chimney that I really should stop this horrible addiction. But for some reason, this time I grabbed ahold of the thought. And the first thing I felt was fear! I was terrified at the thought of giving up my cigarettes. I was almost debilitated with fear as soon as I believed that I might once again try to quit.


I mean, what about my past failures? Of course I would fail again. After all, I’ve already proven that to myself. I was literally shaking when I called the Colorado quitline, and to be honest, when I called I felt like I was just doing the motions, with no intention of following through. I didn’t tell anyone close to me that I intended to quit, as if it needed to be a huge secret, which was of course my personal fear of failure.


And so I went through a couple of days, terrified that I might be changing my life but also slowly believing that I might try. Slowly overcoming the fear of my own thoughts and finding a glimmer of hope that it might become a reality.


I did make it to that wonderful day of my quit, and I say wonderful because by the time I reached that date, I was more than ready. I actually WANTED to quit! In fact, I couldn’t see my life any other way!


Finding BecomeanEX was an incredible help to me. It was a link on the state quit smoking site that I decided to try. And I was so glad I did for you see, we all feel a kind of fear when we quit smoking. An unfounded fear but yet a real one.


It’s a fear of change. It’s a fear of failure. But mostly, it’s a fear of changing our very perception of how we live our world. And everyone here at EX understands this fear. We’re here to make the unknown seem more normal. We’re here to make life seem a little more doable during the worst moments that we might ever experience.


Beating an addiction is never easy. Beating an addiction is never something we really want to do at first. But if you do decide to give it a try. If you do ever decide that you really want to beat your addiction. Your slavery. Then we are here to take a little of the fear away because a big part of our fear is fear of the unknown. Fear of change and fear of failure.


We can help you with all of that. But only you can find the way to win. Only you can find the strength to win. We can’t give you that but we can sure stand right beside you. We can sure feel your fear and understand it and teach you that there’s nothing to really be afraid of so long as you try.


We can do our part which is to make what might not seem so scary actually feel just a little more normal. We can help you to understand that we all had the same fears and we can tell you that what you’re doing is a process, but only you can take what we give along with your own resolve and turn it into something wonderful! Something that we all want to see.


For you see, those of us that have found freedom from addiction want to share the wonderful feeling that comes with it. We want you to feel the peace that we now feel. Why? Because we’re selfish in a way. And that’s because we know what awaits you.


I can’t wait to see each and every one of you free from the fear that comes from addiction. I want to see you free of addiction! Go for it! You really, really really won’t regret it!