T minus 27 Days

Blog Post created by JessicaF on Jul 19, 2017

Twenty seven days until my quit date. 


I had such massive coughing fits in bed last night that I asked my husband to sleep upstairs (his preference when we can't share the bed for whatever reason). Aaannndddd today my throat is absolutely killing me. I've heard of people coughing so badly that they vomit, but it has never actually happened to me - last night was the closest I've come. I keep taking all this (the bad dentist appointment, this worse than ever cough, an old friend sharing that she has been 1 week smoke free, etc) as signs that this IS the time to quit, that I WILL be successful this time. 


Going off Dale's post that he shared with me yesterday (& that I have reread this morning, as well as shared with a friend) I am going to either write or have printed "Just wait a little longer" & have it displayed in my kitchen, I believe. 


I hear children up. Time.running.out. 


I noticed yesterday that just seeing our pitcher of Crystal Lite on the counter is a bit of a trigger for me. When I saw it at one point last night, I instantly wanted to smoke. Kind of interesting. Not sure what eventually will become of that pitcher  


Here's to another day of waiting a little longer, reducing how much I'm smoking & continuing to plan for my big day!