Stopping by to say hello

Blog Post created by tjanddj on Jul 8, 2017

I am getting in some quiet time at home now. Feels good after entertaining my sister for the last 3 weeks to have some alone time. My quit journey continues on and enjoy all the freedom that quitting brings. So happy I went through the annoying discomfort and did not back down to the addiction trying to entice me back into its darkness. This journey has been full of pain, sorrow, grief, tears, laughter, joy. It has allowed me to learn new things about myself. It has helped me push myself out of my comfort zone to learn and do new things. My life is still filled with sorrow and pain but I no longer use "emotions" as an excuse to smoke. My commitment to my quit and me understanding what addiction is and the wonderful support that is given here has helped me be where I am today. I am learning, I am doing and I am going.... I have a plan...



My son, Matthew, has been in the hospital a couple times in this past month or so due to uncontrollable seizures. Hoping this is finally under control. His MRI results showed no change from his last one so that is good news. He is having increase memory and behavior issues. Had to move him to a place so he can be watched more closely. He is not a happy camper about that but he says he understands why we had to do it. Continued prayers for him would be greatly appreciated.