Stay focused on freedom

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Jun 30, 2017

There’s a tree in our valley and it’s said that it’s one of the most photographed trees in the state. You see, it’s a huge cottonwood tree that had died and fallen long ago, but somehow as it rotted, it made a decision that it would not die. And so out of the logs sprouted several trees, growing strong and proud.


Another time I observed a small pine tree that was growing out of a giant boulder. The tree over time actually cracked that boulder and continued thriving in a place where no tree should be. Over and over in nature, we see signs of determination. Of a desire to achieve life. And we see some amazing results due to that desire to live.


That same determination lives within all of us. For humans, it’s an amazing part of us that comes from the very foundation of our beings because with humans, there’s a brain to direct that determination to focus on whatever we like.


I think that for humans, determination is the desire to win no matter what it takes. A belief that what we want to achieve can be achieved. If we can focus our mind, body and soul on a single project, then amazing things can happen. Like that cottonwood tree, we can create a new situation out of the old. We can shape our lives into what we want it to be. We can make our world into a shining symbol of life!


And what better way to do that then to focus all of our energies on the desire to be free. I think most of us are motivated to do positive things for ourselves. I mean, we strive to make things more harmonious in life and in order to do that, as much negative as possible must be removed from our lives, and of course quitting smoking fits into that category.


But how do we get there? How do we get all of our being to focus on a single problem? For me, the answer was seeing myself as a happy nonsmoker in my mind’s eye. I looked to the benefits of my quitting and stayed focused on those things. How my life would improve. How my health would improve. How wonderful it would be not to be enslaved. And I saw myself as a happy nonsmoker, free to enjoy my life without slavery. I always smiled when I created this image of myself.


Don’t get me wrong. Once I did quit, I still had to fight my way through just like everyone else, but I think it was easier for me because I made sure to keep my focus on the freedom and not what I was losing. I continued to focus on the end result rather than worrying so much that I might not get there.


Every morning I’d wake up and make sure I was in a good place before I ever got out of bed. This is because I think that it’s easier to change our thought patterns first thing in the morning. After we’ve been awake for a while, we tend to fall into the pattern already set, and I found it beneficial to ensure that my thoughts were where I wanted them to be. That my focus was on freedom rather than loss. That my mind longed for health rather than death.


And once I adjusting my thinking to what I wanted, I was ready to get up and face the new day, even if it was a hard day because it was ingrained in my mind that what I was doing was what I wanted to be doing.


Everyone is different. The suggestions I give can only be a guide. What works for some may not work for others but I do know what worked for me. The answer to our own success lives within all of us. For some it’s harder to find than it is for others, but it’s there.


I think the glimmering light might be a desire for freedom. If we can grasp that gem and hold on tight, it will grow into a fantastic quit! As always, be ready for a fight but remember that so long as you can maintain your focus, you will win. As long as every morning you can tap into a positive perspective, then you will win!