What's On The Inside?

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Jun 18, 2017

We've smoked so long we've settled for smoking and either never found,

or simply lost sight of special parts of ourselves.

Quitting Opens Up The Opportunity To Find What's Beautiful


      About a week and a half ago, our neighbors put up a for sale sign. I've never been in their home and I've been curious as to what the inside looks like ever since the sign went up. They are both veterinarians and have a daughter. They are the ones that chased the coyote and made it let go of Hoggie the first year I moved back here.

      Last night I googled their address and there are now pictures. I know their taste may not be your or my taste but it sure opened my eyes as to what we don't see and what we can see.

The outside looks pretty bleak


But, look at the inside.  :-)





PS My younger brother and my dad helped set those lodge poles and do a lot of the framing for the original owner builder in 1994 who owned a welding company.