Three years smoke free.

Blog Post created by sparky26 on May 30, 2017

It came up on my memories on Facebook , and I think I figured out the day I actually quit was May 16 th . I put may 30 th  here at Ex . Haha I don't know why , I think I never really thought I was going to make it , I was really gonna try to quit for a month . To see if I could just do it . I guess I'm still a little wowed that I really haven't smoked a cigarette in three years .THREE Years !  So anyhow wanted those that think of me from time to time to know I'm still here , still a ex smoker . I just haven't been here at Ex , I still trying to recover from my cancer surgery, aftermath , it's been hard . And then my sister got sick and passed away very suddenly, along with two dear family friends , all in May . So glad that May is over. 

Until next time ,  your friend Sparky aka Donna