My Commitment to the Quit

Blog Post created by tjanddj on May 15, 2017

Here is a painting I did called " My Commitment to the Quit"

I made my commitment to the quit a few months before my quit date. I don't remember the date it was I don't even remember what month it was but I'll never forgotten the day I made that commitment. I remember telling my husband I was going to quit on February 12th, the anniversary of when I started eating healthfully. He told me "but you enjoy smoking" I told him it didn't matter that I did, smoking no longer fit into my plan of what I wanted for myself. I remember him looking at me and saying "you are going to do it this time" it wasn't a question he was asking me it was something we both knew was going to happen. My commitment day was a special day for me and I give it great honor because it has brought me to this smoke-free life I now live.

May today be the day that you make your commitment to your quit.