Oh Chip!

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on May 13, 2017

They implanted a chip in my esophagus and gave me buttons to push whenever I change activities or have heartburn, belching (I don't belch) or regurgitato-nation.

How is one coming out of anesthesia supposed to remember and follow verbal instructions?  Not only that, I am supposed to write down every movement, every time I eat, take medication, or recline on paper charts. So do I need a clipboard for the next 5 days?  :-(

It starts beeping if I get more than 3 feet from it.

The coup de gras is I have to spend 2 hours hand delivering it back to the hospital the middle of next week.

Ok I've punched the meal button and written coffee with cream on the chart.

Can I live now?



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