After the nicotine is gone, what happens?

Blog Post created by pongaselo on May 13, 2017

  I have become almost irrational lately. Especially when I get to the community site. I stopped smoking at about 11:00pm 4/11/17 and did not use any drugs or substitutes. That is clearly a person to person decision. Our physiology and personality differences are profound obviously. I am an abrasive person by nature it seems. There exists the possibility that I may have hurt some other people's efforts to quit. This was never my intention but I literally could not imagine how differently we deal with the difficult jobs in our lives.  I have isolated myself socially from other people for some years now to a great extent and it is coming home to me as I see how poorly I am able to understand others.  To those people who I have hurt or offended, I am profoundly sorry. This was never my intention. 

  I have received some fairly caustic responses from other people here and that is a good thing as it has given me the opportunity to observe that while some of my posts have been offensively angry, insensitive and just plain mean, I am not the worst offender. I have never accused anyone of being here to disrupt the quit of another member. I have never accused someone of working for a quit smoking plan and not actually being a smoker. Lastly, I have never told anyone that they had not been quit long enough to understand the process or offer advice.

  I feel that since I was able to quit for more than 20 years because of some will power. some support and a scientifically documented plan, that I might have something to offer. At the very least, I need to participate to make sure that my quit works.  To this end, I intend to continue to participate in the community.  Once again, to those whom I have offended or hurt, I am sorry. Those of you who feel that you are genuinely prepared to evaluate and judge others participating in the community, need to reevaluate your own experience, background and the purpose of the community. 

  I will try to be nicer and supportive in a more considerate way. To those two people who have been hounding me ( you know exactly who you are), please find something else to do with your time.