Walking is MY rest

Blog Post created by indingrl on May 11, 2017

I was like a caged animal far from lighting a cigarette YET MY actions were stirred UP to find that RELEASE...... the PRESSURE of life closing in on ME.... please I am talking ME so take what HELPS at the MOMENT and let go and let God with the rest. Thank you. I see with MY OWN eyes and HEAR with MY own ears YET I deny what I see and hear cuz the FACT OF TRUTH FOR ME is I will not ACCEPT I am powerless to STOP anyone from quitting nicotine or anything else people CHOOSE to die an early death!  I share ALL the knowledge ALL the wisdom of MY years of  not USING NICOTINE to be told NO THANKS. Now I gotta deal with MY immaturity of rejection of EMOTIONS and LET GO AND LET GOD! I went for walking the mall with my friend. Walked another two miles a total of FOUR and blogged! NOT ONE PUFF OVER MY PRIDE in Christ Jesus AMEN IF ONE OF US IS GOING TO USE NICOTINE IT IS YOU NOT ME ONLY BY GODS GRACE I BLOG BLOG BLOG BEFORE I TAKE ONE PUFF OVER ME! Then I WALK WALK WALK. HOORAY FIR JESUS!