Be Proud

Blog Post created by Daniela2016 on May 11, 2017

I wanted to talk about it, soon after it happened.


No one here says it is easy to quit; and life has all kind of stuff in store for all of us.


For a while we think we miss our fix to make everything better, but then we start recognizing all things that are getting better when you become an EX. There are many blogs that have been written about all the positive changes when you are an EX.


But nothing prepared me for the feeling of pride I felt this morning.


I was driving to work, the weather was cooler this week, cool enough that no AC was needed to run this morning (no matter how much I cleaned my car, when I start the AC I still smell a faint smoke, or smoke-like smell; after all for 15 years the driver was smoking in this car).

No AC this morning, and all of a sudden I can smell the wonderful perfume I used this morning. I used to say smoking was my only addiction, where in fact perfume is another one. And since I do not smoke, I gained weight and I am now on WW, I “absolutely had to” treat myself somehow: so I purchased a new perfume, and used it today.


Of course I smelled it before, but today, while driving, I felt overwhelmed by the sense of pride that I no longer tarnish the air around me, my clothes, my car, my hair, my body.

I was so proud to be an EX, prouder maybe than any other time before today.


So for all of us, newbies or not, being an EX is such a huge accomplishment, that all the cravings in the world should not move our resolve: being an EX, staying an EX!


PS I will look at my new avatar pic forever, the little smile appeared on my face while being proud to be an EX!!!