Oh Hello Round 2 Seasons

Blog Post created by shashort on May 9, 2017

Today we finally had 70 degrees and sunshine oh happy for sun. Today was one of very few days I could go out on my balcony to sit and enjoy the weather.  So sitting back and relaxing with glass of iced tea feeling the heat from the sun and then pooh darn Nico dude decided to visit out of clear blue. Yes nudging me and reminding me how I always smoked out here while relaxing.  I just responded with NOPE and don't do that anymore. Then dawned on me that is probably seasonal trigger and dismissed the thought and started playing ball with the dogs.  Well I guess it would be considered seasonal even though I am not full year but is the 2nd Spring. Okay yeah sticking to my story it was seasonal but yay it didn't last long.   This journeycan throw lots of crazy twist and turns, ups and downs but know if you hang in there and stay strong it does get easier. Just believe it from the one who struggled in the beginning and never thought I would say this would get easier but by  using NOPE! SINAO! , I don't do that anymore and the famous NADO will get you to success. Together strong we can get through it. So if I can do this and I am at 361 days of freedom you can dothis quit thing too.